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I use triptans fairly successfully to treat migraine. I have to rotate them after about 9months as the current one becomes less effective, Also I prefer a triptan that works before it reaches the stomach( so not in tablet form). The last 2 I have used are Maxalt and Zomig. All I can think of asking doc for now is "nasal" sumatriptan, but Im a bit scared! What is it like to use?

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Hi the nasal spray is really effective works really quickly but the after taste is horrible so if you are feeling sickly can make you be sick unless your taking anti sickness medication. Or there is the injections but haven't tried them yet. Good luck x

Hi. The Sumatriptan injection works in two minutes but I only take it when I have a very severe migraine.


I have tried the nasal spray and found that the taste was so bad I stopped using it. It tasted like poison, made me feel even more nauseated and left me with an aftertaste for about a day and a half after taking it. I use the auto-infection and find it much better. It is very fast acting and almost always works (whereas the nasal spray was a lot less reliable) but it does hurt to use so I do only take it for severe migraines. That said, I'd still recommend it over the tablets and nasal spray.

Good luck with whatever you decide to try.

hi ive had these they can cause rebound migraines but are and all round gd pain killer i to had the nasal spray and it was a nasty taste and made me sneeze and nose bleeds evrything is different for everyone tryed and tested is the best way i hope it works for you and hope you have a good christmas

Something I have not tried nasal sumatriptan, give it time, I think I have tried everything else. I cannot wait to have my next lot of Botox I hope it works better than last time. My last migraine was 30th jan at 630am. It woke me up I had a throbbing pain over my right eye, early morning wake up call. A zollmitriptan worked wonders! Thank you doc.

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