Sumatriptan shortage?

Hi. Is anyone else having problems getting a prescription for sumatritan 100mg fulfilled? I been on these for the last 10 years and they work well but 2 weeks ago when I went to collect a repeat prescription the pharmacist said I could only have 4 out of the 12 prescribed as there is a national shortage (??) and he couldn't get any more.

This afternoon I contacted my doctor's to ask for a different prescription so I could maybe get the sumatriptan somewhere else or have naratriptan instead, which I have had in the past. I was told to tell the pharmacy that they have accepted the prescription so must fulfill it. Pharmacist said he will phone me when he's spoken to the doctor. Meanwhile I feel like the meat in their sandwich and I'm fast running out of tablets for my chronic daily migraines.

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  • Hi ME65...I've just picked up 12 without issue. Maybe you can try the injections if you haven't already tried them.

    Rizatriptan is another option although I'm sure you know this.

    Good luck

  • Thank you for your reply Callie. Maybe I need to change to a different pharmacy. Will be on the phone to the doctor's on Monday as I've heard nothing from the pharmacist.

    Determined to stay calm!

  • Yeah definitely stay calm can't risk it. I'm in Scotland not sure if that makes a difference.

    Good luck 😁

  • Hi, same-ish thing for me (Scotland) I get a combination of Rizatriptans and the Sumatriptan nasal spray on prescription for chronic daily migraine. Start of this week I only received 2 out of the 6 sprays from the pharmacy due to "problems with supply" & although they're trying to source the additional 4 - nothing so far. Was getting bit concerned, so good call (thanks!) on perhaps seeing if I can get a fresh script for the injection one till whatever is going on is resolved!

  • That's me now having issues getting sumatriptan the pharmacy confirmed stock issues 😢 i can still get injections for the moment.

  • Put your foot down about an alternative. I use Rizatriptan, which is excellent.

    However I'm concerned if you are using a triptan that regularly. If I use one on more than a couple of occasions in a month, I get overuse headaches. These are really insidious as you think the medicine is helping but it's actually causing them and you feel that you are dependant on it to manage.

  • I switched from Sumatriptan (Imitrex) to Rizatriptan (Maxalt) about 2 years ago. It is so much better. No side effects and it almost always gets rid of the migraine within an hour as long as you take it shortly after the migraine starts. It has been a lifesaver to me.

    The only problem is the amount of pills you are allowed a month depending on your insurance. But I don't have insurance now. This website seems to be a reliable source for Sumatriptan & Rizatriptan. I have been buying it from them and they gave me 10% discount code "NOMIGRAINE". Hope this helps.

  • Apparently the triptan injections are very expensive so may not be easy to get prescribed.

  • There is also sumatriptan nasal spray and zomatrptan nasal spay as an alternative ? Good luck xx

  • I've had no problem here in Bournemouth, UK. Sumatriptan is now available from several producers (not just as Imigran) so I wonder if your pharmacist is really looking hard enough to get what you need. Maybe he has a regular and inexpensive supplier and doesn't want to change to another.

  • Thanks to all of you for replying. I am in the Bristol area and use a tesco pharmacy as it's the most convenient. Meanwhile I have been given a script for 18 of the 50mg sumatriptan but will ask for the stronger ones as soon as they are available again.

    Thanks for your concern Paul. I am aware of rebound and sometimes I do have to have a couple of days of just putting up with a background headache but it's always clear for me when it's a real migraine.

    Love and best wishes to all.

  • That is so frightening. I take Rizatriptan also. I never get enough anyway. If what you say is going to be true for everyone, I am scared!

  • I have had no problem getting Sumatriptan pills and Rizatriptan pills. I was using the Sumatriptan nasal spray, and it has been unavailable for a month or more. (I am in the US)

  • My OH visited 2 pharmacists (1 independent and a city centre Boots) this morning after my supply ran out and was told by both that there is a national shortage. NHS has some supplies but these are limited. I am into day 7 of post-op migraine and took my last tab 12 hours ago in an attempt to break this bout of status migrainosus. It worked...for a few hours. 😕 I have loads of paracetamol and codeine from the hospital but it is going to be an ever decreasing MOH circle if I am not careful, and as I have had brain surgery I need to be in a position to know what is causing the head as far as possible. Has anyone tried the online pharms yet?

  • Yes

  • Yes. I have tried two online pharms and am delighted to get Sumatriptan the 50mg which according to my local pharmacy are out of production at the moment!!!. They are a bit pricey but well worth it to get what I want.

  • Hi everyone,

    This afternoon I phoned Glaxosmithcline who market sumatriptan as Imigran. Apparently there was a problem with the supply of the active ingredient and at the moment supplies are still limited but not totally exhausted. The problem is now solved and 100mg tablets should be fully available by the end of next week.

    Meanwhile if any of you are desperate (malalatete) phone your doctor's surgery. The on-call doctor should be able to give you a script for the 50mg tabs or another triptan, if necessary in another form e.g. spray, to tide you over.

    We could have done without this added stress but hey-ho that's life I guess.

    Love and best wishes to all followers and migraineurs.

  • Is this still current. I have been waiting a week for 10mg Sumatriptan nasal spray which I use in collaboration with Verapamil 120 x 2 daily. I would say I don't use these everyday but I need to make sure these are in my work bag as I have cluster headaches (??). I normally feel safe at home as it doesn't matter how stupid I look being at pain at home but I cant look or act stupidly at work. I need to get shot of the headaches as soon as possible. It is good that I'm not at work this week but I feel like I'm trapped at home with little relief from these headaches and nobody seems to be able to tell me when my prescription can be filled or if it will be filled before starting back at work. The surgery is also very reluctant to let me have an emergency appointment for an on going medical problem, there is a two week wait for a normal appointment. if anyone has any ideas that could help I would be very happy to hear them

  • Sorry to hear of your problems. This should not still be happening. The pharmacy I use no longer supply Imigram but give me a generic version of sumatriptan. I suggest you phone your surgery again and ask for a phone call back from the duty doctor saying it's impossible for you to go to work without the spray. Are you able to take sumatritan in tablet form? This is what I take. It does take an hour to kick in but that's better than not having anything.

    Good luck x

  • I have had an issue with getting Imigran 100mg tablets for a few weeks now (as well as there being issues throughout this year). For my chronic daily migraine, I have been making do with cheaper generic sumatriptan (as any is better than nothing) when I am actually prescribed Imigran as cheaper options don't work as well and make me feel sick. As a result of all the Imigran hoo-ha and having to take more of the cheap pills - as they don't work as well - I ran out of all sumatriptan this weekend (bar the injection which I save for emergencies such as when I can't keep pills down). As a result I ended up with such a chronic migraine on Sunday night and Monday morning I was finally sick and couldn't go to work and needed to use the injection. I called the doctors for an emergency prescription on Monday morning and lone behold, once again no one could get Imigran 100 but this time (in my desperation) I found out why: Imigran is fizzling out and Imigran Radis is the new version so if you only take Imigran sumatriptan like me, you need to get your doctor to put Imigran Radis on the prescription. A helpful pharmacist found this out for me. I will be getting the tablets tomorrow. It's all very well people lecturing those of us who take Sumatriptan daily but when you are so severe, there is little other option. I don't enjoy taking triptans daily but without it I wouldn't be able to work and I think I speak for many. Suppliers need to be more aware as to run out of this vital medication can prove detrimental for many sufferers.

  • I have had to go online to get enough type in the name of your tabs.I take zolmitriptan 2.5 and have to buy online as gp says I have rebound headaches and wiLl only give me 12 a month .all the best

  • My chemist was out of my tabs she tried every chemist in my town .then rang a different wholesaler and got them next day

  • 02/01/2017

    Yep there is a MYLAN Sumatriptan 100mg shortage in the 60016 area.

    There is however other brands available like "Dr. Reddy's" and "Aurobindo (which I have)".

    I am finding that I have to take almost twice the dose for the same relief as the Mylan brand.

    Dr Reddy's and Aurobindo are India companies. Mylan is based in the U.S.

    I spent 1+ hours trying to locate a pharmacy that has and carries the Mylan brand, with no luck.

    I just communicated with Mylan to see if there is a Pharmacy in my area and If there is indeed a shortage. I am waiting their reply.

    No one wants to suffer longer than we have to with a Migraine and taking twice the dose at twice the price is not what I want to do, but I will have to for the time being.

  • Haven't been able to get my Sumatriptan this wk anywhere in the thanet area... most of the pharmacies say they been out of stock for months.. Hoping the Docs will get new script sorted for me soon.

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