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Sumatriptan Injection - Shortage

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Hi, can anyone shed any light on the manufacturing problem there is at the moment with Sumatriptan injections? I have been using this injection for over 20 years and there has never been a shortage. I have been waiting since July/August and my pharmacy keeps telling me there is a delay/problem with the manufacturers. I have been prescribed the sumatriptan nasal spray for the time being but it isnt as effective as the injection.

I have heard of a brand called Sun Pharma that produces the injection pen all in one (as I normally get the refill packs of sumatriptan) but I wonder if there is a problem with this as well?

I live in Surrey, UK and wondering if anyone else is having problems obtaining this medication and what I can do about it?

Many thanks

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Hi I'm in Scotland and picked mine up on Wednesday without issue. That means nothing though, with what your reporting i fully expect to have issues soon too.

The same thing happened with imagran sumatriptan tablets. I honestly believe it's a price thing 😣

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natoneill in reply to Cally01

I used to use the tablets but as I get nausea with the migraine they were no good unless I caught it early so would end up being sick for 24-36 hours. The injections are a life saver

How long did it take for the tablets to "come back in stock"?

As this has never happened to me before, I dont really know what to do. Who should be advising me, the doctor or the pharmacist?

many thanks

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Cally01 in reply to natoneill

I vomit loads too 😣. Unfortunately the Imagran tablets haven't been avaliable for over a yr now, the pharmacy say it's a manufacturer issue but i called them direct and they say they have no issues, so i went back to the pharmacy and they said they were too expensive and that's why they issue generic cheaper ones.

Have you tried maxalt rizatriptan melts? I used them if I'm really sick..

Speak to your GP.

I just refilled with no problem.. 3rd times.

Hi this happen to me with the lmagran nasal spray, My local chemist believed the larger chemist bought up a lot of popular and most needed drugs to ensure small businesses would be unable to supply customers and would then out of business...I don’t know if this is correct but my GP change me to injections shortly after

Hello Natoneill,

While these lack of Sumatriptan injections problem sorts out, can I suggest you may include loads of whole grain foods in your diet. You may wonder why - the reason is, they are rich in tryptophan, which becomes serotonin (a calming neurotransmitter). Triptans like sumatriptans actually stimulate serotonin which can reduce inflammation and constrict blood vessels - it is thought it stops the headache or migraine this way. If you maintain a good level of serotonin in your body, then migraine may be less severe.

If Sumatriptan injections are not available, you may request your doctors to prescribe an alternative triptan. If no other injections are available, GPs in the UK usually can prescribe MAXALT® MELT 10 mg (Rizatriptan) easily.

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Margauxjean in reply to troy04

Be careful w loads of grains as they convert to glucose sugar which is the highest form of migraine trigger. Low carb/ no grain/ hi fat is the current approach to migraine cure.

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troy04 in reply to Margauxjean

If you are thinking of ketogenic diet - unfortunately it is not suitable for everyone, lot of people find fatty food is a guaranteed trigger for migraine.

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Margauxjean in reply to troy04

Not in this program! It has to do with balancing electrolytes and many many have been helped. It is very specific. Please check out the group for amazing help, supoport and relief of migraine. It is not strictly ketigenuc but is honed for those of us with migraine brain. We have many sensitivities and needs that others do not. There is a book to read, get the second edition. By Angela Stanton. PhD.


how often can you take the injections ,and how well does it work, I take the pills but it does doesn't work for an hour and a half. I live in the US and I haven't heard about these injections, my neuro is not the best and I'm looking for another one now, he has never suggested anything!!

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Onthemove1971 in reply to lewmax

Just curious what dose pill you take. I use both, the injection works very quick. It is the step I take before going to the E.Room.

I start with Over the Counter migraine medication as soon as I feel the first ounce of pain. I take them with Pepsi (this was strongly suggested by my Neurologist) if that doesn't work I take 100mg ( it's usually prescribed as 50mg). If that doesn't work, I do 1 pill of imitrex and if that doesn't work I inject and sometime I will take hydrocodone ( I use this maybe 1 pill in about three months) becuase I know I am heading to the ER after this.

Have you tried Maxalt? It is a Triptan, but dissolves under the tongue.

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lewmax in reply to Onthemove1971

I have never tried Maxalt, the sumatriptan is 100 mg. I do take three Tylenol with 625 mg at the onset of pain before anything. Sometimes that's not enough so I do take the sumatriptan and I'm forced to take a Fioricet which I do not want to take I'm trying to wean off it because it does cause rebound headaches. Thank you so much for your reply.

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natoneill in reply to lewmax

I think you can take a maximum of 2 in 24 hours but I cant remember , maybe once it’s happened but I have been using these injections for over 20 years. The first one always works. But they are expensive, thank god for the NHS in the UK

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