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I get quite a lot of migraines, and while not gluten intolerant, bread does bring one on, so I'm thinking it's got to be in the additives. I try to avoid bread, but these additives are probably in other foods. Anyone else found this? Also after reading posts about Sumatriptan, I'm also having problems getting it, regardless of which pharmacy I use. This happens every couple of months or so, and, yet again, I've now been waiting a week for my prescription to be filled. Why is this happening? I know it's a supplier problem surely this can be avoided?

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Hi Sue, Do you find brown bread is worse? I have a bread maker so use that all the time and make bread which doesnt have maited flour. I think tannins affect my migraine as if I ever eat smoked fish or meat I have a migraine. There are tannins in malt, I think. I only brew my tea/coffee for under 2 mins, too as this means less tannins are released. So annoying to have to cut these things out, especially if you like fish pie or smoked salmon...

As regards sumatriptan, there was a problem supplying it a couple of years ago in our pharmacy, but I haven't had a problem recently. Speak to them and find out what the story is, maybe?

All the best,


Sue_04 in reply to Pippwin

Hi Pippa, thanks for getting back to me, it seems to be any bread which brings one on, which is why I'm thinking additives or preservatives. As for sumatriptan, I'm going to email the company. I have this problem a lot, this is the 3rd time in 6 months, and there are 3 pharmacies quite local. I do manage to get a prescription for an alternative, but it all takes time. Which, when your head is bad, seems forever.

Julielux66 in reply to Sue_04

First of all if you like bread so much try Gluten free bread and Gluten free products readily available in supermarkets and see if that helps the migraines

I take a combination of Infometacin and Topiramate as preventative treatments and have been migraine free for 2 months which is amazing for me just awaiting MRI brain scan results from St. George's that I had on Thursday. Good luck 🐣🐥

Sue_04 in reply to Julielux66

Hi Julie, I've tried gluten free bread, but no change unfortunately. The only way I can avoid the bread related migraines is to avoid bread all together.

Julielux66 in reply to Sue_04

OH dear Sue something's have to go then!! Good luck 🐣🐥

troy04 in reply to Sue_04

I have heard a lot of people saying 'wheat' brings headache and migraine - so I would not be surprised if this is your case too. It is really difficult to avoid wheat - but there is not a lot you can do :-(

Hi Sue. I also think that something in bread gives me a migraine. I'm planning to eliminate all foods containing yeast. At first I thought it was soy which is one my triggers, but I've been reading about allergies, and yeast is an allergen. I live in Canada and I take Imitrex. It's easily available here.

Hi Liseanne,

I had thought yeast as well, but it's scary when you read the list of additives, Bleach etc, and like you trying to find which ones trigger. I need to find out which other foods have yeast in them. I also know it's impossible to avoid things 100%, especially as I've not worked out yet what other foods could be a trigger.Finally got my Sumatriptan yesterday, although I had taken My stand-by, Zulmatriptan? I think, (the box is downstairs) I thought it actually worked better.

Julielux66 in reply to Sue_04

My sister has gone to a reflexologist and had kenisology testing carried out for her migraines and with her new diet she has not had s migraine so that may be worth looking into 🐣🐥

liseanne13 in reply to Sue_04

Glad to hear you found a medication that works. Yes, there are a lot of additives in bread. There is an organic bakery near my home. I tried the bread, whole grain, and notice that my stomach was bloated for the rest of the day. There is always something, the trouble is identifying that trigger. And then it changes. I was able to eat eggs, until 12 year ago, when I had a 3 day migraine after eating eggs, sunny side up. Now, no more eggs!

In my opinion, Rizatriptan works slightly better than Sumatriptan - perhaps you can ask your GP to prescribe it in this opportunity? Rizatriptan is slightly (not by much) more expensive than Sumatriptan, but my GP agreed to switch it.

My neuro says sugar and highly processed carbs trigger some people. Might not be the gluten.

Try making your own bread, using spelt flour instead of wheat,but only knead for 2 or3 mins as spelt does not have much gluten . Spelt is a primitive type of wheat and suits me .

You may want to check out the free, online event called the Migraine World Summit from April 23-29. The top global migraine and headache experts speaking on topics relevant to us migraine sufferers:

5 years ago, i did find that bread was bringing on migraines so i went wheat free. when i had a headache, i was craving bread, would eat bread and then the headache got even worse until one day i read something about wheat and gave it up. at first it did help. But gradually, it did not anymore, the headaches/migraines got very bad again. Lately i have started to slowly re-introduce wheat to my diet and it does not seem to bring on migraine or make them worse. I found out then that wheat is in a lot of food, for instance some soya sauce contains wheat which at the time i was not aware of. if you start looking at the ingredients in a lot of stuff, you'll be surprised at how many contain wheat.

This Christmas gone 2016 , the doctor told there wasn't any Sumatriptan in the country never mind the local chemist .

Therefore , It up ended up costing me 3 days off work.

They prescribed me with 3 other tabs .

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