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Migraines and Blood pressure/ Postural Hypo-tension

On behalf of my friend - Has anyone had or know of any link between migraines and blood pressure and in particular postural hypo-tension? as the migraines and postural hypo-tension have started within a few weeks of each other. The migraines first and then the hypo-tension came next with head rushes, similar pressure sensation in the head with head rushes and the optical migraines.

Any help is much appreciated.

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I have high blood pressure in general, sometimes medications can cause low blood pressure and just may cause symptoms you mention in general , you do not give many details but I would think your friend needs to talk to their GP, always the first port of call. If a diagnosis has already come from a GP together with medications and the symptoms are newish I would initially look into any medication side effect problems, and go from there then to find out the causes if medications are not the reason.


Hi there

I have not experienced this, however when I went to see a neuro-otologist for migraine related vertigo they tested my blood pressure when standing, when getting up after resting and so on, so I imagine that this is what they were testing for.

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I generally suffer from low blood pressure which I suspect is linked to my migraines although I have no proof of this. It is sometimes so low that it makes me feel quite unwell and spaced out. I have been to my local surgery several times only to be told that low blood pressure is good! I take very little added salt in my diet and often crave salt when my blood pressure is low. I would suggest your friend gets her blood pressure checked although in my experience medical professionals seem loathe to treat low blood pressure.


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