Migraines and medical marijuana

Migraines and medical marijuana

Hi there, has anyone tried medical marijuana for migraines? I read a scientific report online from the New Scientist claiming the data is not complete yet to produce concrete proof of its pain reduction capacity. I did however, read it is good for neuropathic pain. So are migraines technically neuropathic pain? In which case I want to try it. Has anyone thought to try it or has any experience?

Seriously, I will try it for sure. I am so over my life being dictated to by migraines.

Has anyone got any experience in this area? I had my third occipital nerve block this year as well as 3 monthly botox, daily proprananol and endep and weekly triptans as well as two weekly anti inflammatories and monthly osteopathy, weekly gym and now ketogenic diet. Honestly, I could take medical marijuana on top in a heart beat.

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  • Not legal in nz medically or otherwise

  • I would take it if available. From what I've read there wouldn't be side effects as there are with the currently available medications. The side effects from medications are as bad as the disease itself.

    Migraine is a neurological disorder (is the current thinking) so it might work. I have read it works well for MS.

  • I have tried medical marijuana. It did not help me. I use Sumatriptan and Ritatriptan. Both work well. Limit alcohol, chocolate, and most sugar.

  • I totally agree with you!

  • I haven't tired medical but I have tired and do on occasion recreational and it doesn't take the headache/migraine completely away but it nice bc it gives me the ability to enjoy what's around me. It's nice bc it helps, I hate pain meds and crap and try not to take them but with this diagnosis sometimes that is not the option. With pot I see lesser of two evils.

  • Yes, I used medical marijuana , but it never worked on my migraines.

  • Look into high cbd strains. 😃✌🏻

    I don't suffer from migraines with my vm & encephalitis brain injury symptoms but it helps for noise pain, anxiety, fatigue and I feel like "me" again.

  • Yes,I tried it. I had been so excited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, it never helped. So disappointed. Good luck to you.

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