Low Blood Pressure Link?

Does anyone know if there's a link between low blood pressure and/or postural hypotension and migraine? I seem to get both of these. Sometimes my BP is as low 95/54 and generally never gets above 110/65 on my home machine*. As well as going light-headed when I stand up my head sometimes thumps like I have headache.

I also have a slow resting pulse: 50 - 62 bpm.

It raises slightly when I have it done it done in the surgery to low-normal (due to 'white coat' syndrome. But the doctor is never concerned about it.

*my husbands BP is always a lot higher than mine on our machine, so it can't be faulty.

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  • Id be interested to know as I am the same, we have familial migraine and all have low blood pressure !!

  • Depending on your age and general state of health, your blood pressure is on the low side of normal. As a health care professional, I would not be concerned. Have you been advised to check your own BP frequently at home?

  • I always had low blood pressure and severe migraines in my 20s 30s and 40s. I also used to get dizzy when I stood up quickly or looked up and sometimes even when I turned over in bed. I know they treat low BP in Germany but its considered good to have in the UK! My father also had low BP and severe headaches.

    Now I'm in my 60s I think my BP must have normalised as the migraines aren't usually so severe so yes I definitely think there's a connection. Not that anyone seems to care! Perhaps try eating crisps when affected. It used to help me sometimes presumably due to salt raising BP? Good luck!

  • Like you I crave salty crisps when my BP is especially low, the practice nurse did suggest I put a tea spoon of salt in my water bottle in the morning... Not as tasty as crisps though!!!

  • Been reading this and sounds just like me! I get hormonal migraines. My blood pressure is on the low side -bottom reading usually 65 to 67 at the most and have slow pulse too. I too find salty crisps realy help when thumping head feeling starts. Also find them really good for travel sickness too which I've had since childhood

  • I am a migraine sufferer and also have low BP too which was finally, after some 3 years, diagnosed at the National Neurological Hospital in London. I understand that this is a not uncommon feature associated with migraine. As a remedy for this low BP which was also associated with SYNCOPE (fainting) I was prescribed MIDODRENE 2.5mg x 3 daily which appears to be effective in keeping my BP at acceptable levels. I suggest that you get an early referral to a good migraine consultant.

  • In reply to joopers, we got the machine to keep an eye on hubby's BP which is on the high side. Of course when I did mine then I realised how low it was. I always knew about the slow pulse bacause I can feel that. I often feel that I'm low in oxygen too (Yawn a lot and get 'air hunger', feel lethargic, get dizzy, and always been a headachy person).

    I'm really just trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    I'm a 60 year old female and I don't smoke or drink & eat healthily. I do try and exercise & do Zumba Gold, Swimming, walking & geocaching, but like most migraineurs, I find strenuous exercise can bring on an attack, so it all has to be paced out and fairly gentle.

  • I also suffer with low blood pressure generally under 100 systolic and like you although I have seen my GP and the nurse on several occasions due to feeling lightheaded they are not concerned. I suspect that either my migraine is as a consequence of low blood pressure or my low blood pressure is as a consequence of my migraine, I can prove neither but it is refreshing to hear that I am not the only one who has these symptoms

  • Hi.. Im 50 perimenopausal, sufferting badly with hormonal migraines A LOT !! also my bp runs low.. and whenever Im ill with a bug, or have a migraine it crashes down significantly, to the point of blacking out on occasions. Im off to see my GP at 4pm today (UK NHS) as Im not feeling good generally since my period when I parted with a fist size blood clot ( last Thursday night )and suffered a lot of pain with it.. and today I have a stonking migraine that hasnt shifted with usual meds! Period ended yesterday.. so defo hormonal links going on. I take supplements for menopause symptoms which help take the edge off symptoms and migraines.. If I didnt take them I`d never be out of bed !! They help me cope.. but these migraines are ramping up a gear again and the blood clot is a new thing.. see what GP has to say. The salt thing is something I hadnt considered.. but might not help with a kidney disorder I have.. ?? Gah!!! :/

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