Migraine vertigo

Hi i really need help. I've never experienced such reaction before. My eyes has been sensitive to bright lights for the past 1 and half month. Then 2 weeks later my ear starts ringing (tinnitus). And today my nose smalls things different. I have on and off headache during this time but the symptoms has been there for 24 hours a day. Will it go away? I am currently taking fluarizine from the doctor. thanks everyone.

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  • Hi matt2414, yeah this happens with my migraines it will go away. I have dizzyness with it to but when i have tinnitus my head pain isn't so severe

    Dull, wooly head 24hrs a day and mine lasts for weeks. I smell things differently and even sounds don't seem to come from the right place!! I get irritated with it 😭 . The main thing is not to panic and make your symptoms escalate. Breathing excersises help me a lot 😁 take 10mins, just lay down and do some deep breathing it really does help 😂 hope this helps you and you get relief.

  • Thank you cally. Does your eye gets sensitive to bright lights? Mine as been there 24hrs for the past 1 and half month. My ringing ear for 3 weeks already. Very disturbing. How to get ride of it? Or I'll just disappear by it self one day?

  • So many different symptoms foe migraines. Tinnitus is so depressing and can last from days to weeks even longer. Seems like you are in a cycle at the moment, cluster migraine. Maybe your doc can prescribe a triptan to break the cycle. Good luck x

  • OK have you had a brain MRI? If you have and have seen a neurologist who says you've got migraine and nothing else, then I do relate to your symptoms. My neurologist told me migraine is the biggest cause of dizziness. I also get light sensitivity etc.

    But they can indicate other brain issues so do get them checked out..

  • Have you told your doctor if these new symptoms? Please do, immediately.

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