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todays' daily mail on migraines

Status Quo's Francis Rossi: How I finally conquered the misery of migraines: They've wrecked his lif


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migraines debilitate whatever people think


I unable to see the complete comment


you need to click on the link to read the full newspaper article!


The link just takes you to the DM front page.... :-/



This should take you to the article....


He is our wonderful patron. If anyone has any ideas of how we can use him for fundraising or awareness raising projects get in touch! Maybe we could auction of a lunch date with him, or get him to host an event at the clinic??


does he still perform?? you need to have some of your logo on stage!!

get him to write up in the metro paper about migraines and the clinic for all the commuters to read?

ask him if he'll get some of his wealthy musician friends to donate to the charity?

ask him to do a concert in aid of the charity?


is it possible to have a leaflet handout day at liverpool st station, with or without francis rossi?

would he donate anything to the charity to be auctioned off?

and as well as the daily mail article would he do one in the metro or london evening standard??

LES have a face book page and it may be worth posting about the clinic on that site?!


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