Hi there, I have just discovered the site and wanted to ask if anyone has had similar migraine experiences to me?

I have had migraine for 20+ years now. I usually get a right sided headache with pain in my right eye and tingling in the right side of my face. I also get the usual sickness etc. The problem is I clench my teeth at night which makes the whole thing worse. I get horrendous muscle pain in my head, neck and shoulders and a funny dent appears prominent in my forehead. I have tried a mouth guard, hypnotherapy and osteopathy which have not worked. I use sumitriptan for migraine which usually works but I often get the symptoms back. I wondered if anyone had any advice on anything else I haven't tried. I have gone through all medication options. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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  • I also grind my teeth at night, and have many of the similar problems....so far botox has been the best for me....it is injected into the TMJ, along w/my face, neck and shoulders....i haven't been very successful w/the meds.....i also have a never stimulator


    this is my new site, hope you can find some useful info here

  • May I ask where you got the botox injections, please?

  • I too clench my teeth (not grind) throughout the night which doesn't help tension, which in turn causes neck tension, followed by headache and then migraine if I don't get medication swallowed qickly enough!

  • have you been down to the national migraine centre, they will give you expert advice and guide you thru the different meds and find one that helpyou.

  • Ever since I became unable to take opiates at the moment I've had no pain relief so my doctor put me on Methocarbamol instead. Its a muscle relaxant and although it has done jack for the pain... its done lots for my teeth grinding and clenching!! I'd see about asking your doctor if you'd be allowed some for night time?

  • Even though these posts are from 4 years ago, I'm going to respond with this: I just got Botox injections last week....and I'm desperately fatigued, can barely stay awake at all! I do still have headaches (only a 3, not a 10!). I was on Topamax and Relpax for a year and a half, I had to keep a headache journal for a month to prove that the other prescriptions still didn't help, and that I had the prescriptions for a long time. I also had powder Cambia for daily headaches. All prescribed by Neurologist! I didn't think the many injections were bad at all, but the first weekend I was dizzy, tired , and nauseous. Let's see how it goes!!! I'll keep everyone posted!

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