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hemipligic migraine

I have been told I suffer from Hemipligic Migraine .

Three years ago I caught swine flu then a few months later I had my first attack . At first it was thought I had a TIA stroke but after test this was ruled out (these test was done 5 months after the attack.)

I have the following problems running up and having an attack , dropping things and losing strength and feeling in arms and legs with pins and needles, speech slur difficulty finding words to finsh sentence or naming items, choking, night terrors, fitigue, face drooping, body jurking,moods swings,body pain.these attacks happen every 7-10days.

I have tried some medication but now on none as they did nothing for me and when I am well I feel good on medication I felt tired all the time.

I had to give up my job which I loved as the stress factor causes more attacks and my high number of sick days off was not good for the children I worked with.

I try to laugh at myself but some days I feel hopless as I have lost so much because of the migraine but my children and husband are great and always help me keep my spirit up .

my whole life at the present runs around am I going to have an attack and planning days are difficult .But on the plus when like I said before when I am ok I am fine.


Today been back to the doctors and been put back onto beta blockers as the DR felt thee weeks apart attacks is better than 7-10days


This week went to the doctors taken of beta blockers did not work at all. was given a tablet to take when migraine started but after reading up could not take it because of kine of migraine I have . I did keep a diary showed doctor but felt it was a not helpful could not find triggers .


Good news I have changed my diet and life style not had a day in bed for 4 weeks . still having pain , speech ,thinking problems and tired but not to be stuck in bed is a bonus.

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I am sorry to hear that these migraines have had such a negative impact on your life. Have you been to see us at the centre recently? It sounds as if your treatment is in need of an overhaul and we would be more than happy to help and work alongside your doctor,

All the best. National Migraine Centre.


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