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Hemipligic migraine or stroke ? Do you need a ct scan each time?

I have severe endometriosis and adymyosis. Consultant put me on cerezette ( mini pill) take it for 4 days! Last two days had right sided headache ! Middle of night woke to left eye face arm and leg feeling numb and weak! In the past I have had two ct scans when this has happened and both clear for Tia ! I don't want to be exposed to any more ct radiation but how can I be sure it's a hemipligic migraine and not a mini stroke? Very worried ! Got a doctors app but not sure what they will do?

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I had a very bad and dangerous reaction to the pill and came off it very quickly years and years ago. With symptoms like that I would not take the pill. I have Hughes Syndrome/APS often families have members with various autoimmune diseases, including thyroid problems and a history of early heart attacks and or strokes, with some women having endless miscarriages. If any of this sounds familiar come back to me and I will send you the blood tests to request. MaryF


I have not had a child as have stage 3 kidney disease! My history is kidney disease, endometriosis, adymyosis, bladder pain , problems emptying,migraines, hemipligic migraines, weight gain , vitamin d deficiency !! Worried ! My dad started with angina in his 60 now 73 my mum had a cyst on her thyroid so got it removed both parents well ! I'm 43 and in daily pain !


Hi, definitely get your thyroid checked, beyond the TSH test, I did private tests to get to the bottom of mine, and the tests for Hughes Syndrome/APS are these:

Anticardiolipin antibodies (aCL)

Lupus anticoagulant (LA)

Anti-beta2-glycoprotein-1 (anti-B2GP1)

Do them at the hospital as the samples taken are time sensitive. Be aware that with symptoms like that the pill may be not for you.


ps the above blood tests will at least rule that out to be on the safe side. come back to me if you need any further help after the tests.


Thank you


Since I have never tried to have a baby then looking at the list of reasons for a blood test for aps I would not qualify?


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