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What do you do when medication works?

Ok so you take a preventative, and you've taken your "attack" medication but your migraine still persists. Often sleep helps but what about when you can't sleep? What other things do you do to ease the pain/discomfort?

Some things I find helpful:

- ice packs

- audiobooks (this depends on the intensity though - sometimes I can't bear the sound of anything!)

- Meditation or relaxation techniques (ok so sometimes all I can do is roll around and cry in pain, but other times I find if I can distract my mind from the pain and think about something else this really helps - very hard to do though!)

Anyone got anything else that helps them? Not just in the "attack" phase - but post migraine too?

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Weirdly i tend to use the tension headache treatment 4head - don't use the cheaper versions as the tend to be greasy and yucky! 4head seems to take away the pain from the front of the head and a little more manageable. Ice packs sometimes helps, the left headed ones just make me Sleeeeeeeep.

Sometimes i'll listen to music or distract myself with the tv, but countless times have i been watching one programme to open my eyes and find something completely different on! I tend to have a 'chill day' the day after as i have little energy and my brain doesn't want to work, so i just settle down in front of the tv or a well worn dvd that i know inside out and doesn't require any thought with a blanket for the day and then like last night apparently my brain didn't want me to sleep - thought i'd had too much - can't win!

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I tried that about 6 years ago - but not since. Maybe I should give it another try. Good to have another tool to arm myself with!


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