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Migraine buddy app! IT'S A MUST! Big thank you to my new migraine buddy cally!❤

Thanks to @Cally01 for the biggest help and best chat ever and now thanks to her I have the best app it's called migraine buddy if you don't have it I suggest you do.. It helps you track your migraines, when you have them when they stop what triggers them and helps you narrow down what can help you to stop them.. I downloaded it and I love it !! Here's the link bnc.lt/itoh/h4lL07XRVA lots of love and migraine free hugs A ❤ cally thank you 😘

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Your welcome huni 💖 it will definitely help you pin point common denominators 👍


You da bomb!


Congrats to you! I hope it helps you! I had it for awhile but since my migraines are multiple daily attacks it became a burden. I keep a written journal for my neuro now. I would get so frustrated at the app I would throw my phone across the room. it did have good questions and trigger info and I liked that you could add possible triggers and meds. I hope it helps good luck!

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Thank you for this! I just down loaded it and it is so much better than what I was using. I really need help identifying triggers.


I don't suppose this would work on a Windows phone?????


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