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Feeling ill before migraine

Hello Everyone

Had anyone ever experienced feeling really ill - to the point you wonder if you're getting flu - as an early migraine symptom?

Yesterday I started to feel pretty ill in the afternoon : hot flush feeling, feeling of not being in my body, sore head, dizzy, body aches, really pale, nausea. Had couple of very brief chest pains this morning. Migraine symptoms started arriving around afternoon time today. I took a sumatriptan around tea time and it's helped with pretty much all the afore mentioned symptoms, although I feel really wiped out now.

I'm used to migraines, having had them for the past 8 or so years due to severe endometriosis. I take sumatriptan for them.

But this is the first time I've felt so ill before a migraine. I have been under a lot of intense stress recently due to a bereavement, maybe this has exacerbated things? Thank you very much for any help or advice.

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Hi Carrie, I have had migraine for 40yrs now but they were always manageable until 4yrs ago. I always had visual disturbance (aura) and they would wipe me out for 7day a month so hormones where involved i think.

4yrs ago i started feeling dizzy, unable to concentrate, pain behind my eyes, temples and neck. I couldn't walk straight, felt sick, got so confused i didn't know where i lived (very scary). Felt like i was taking a stroke and the pain would build very quickly to the worse migraine pain i ever experienced, no pain relief touched the pain.

After a huge fight with neurology and finding a max-fac specialist it was discovered TMJD was causing all of my migraines except the aura ones which i still get.

I'm having treatment now and at least have some life back.

Sorry your in so much pain 😣 . Hope you find a way to cope and get better treatment. Sumatriptin does make you very tired but if you push through it usually means i don't need to sleep.

Good luck 👍

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I always feel ill, nausea and dizziness, before a migraine.

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Thanks very much folks, sorry to hear you've both experienced these horrible symptoms too - I hope you can get relief from this too, my doctor recently recommended acupuncture which I might look into. I've managed to get a referral to a private gynaecologist meanwhile to see if he can help with the endometriosis which might in turn help the migraines - fingers crossed! Take care and thanks again X X X


Sadly, your symptoms sound very familiar to me. For myself, I can't quite figure out if I just keep getting so run down and migraine is just the inevitable by-product or whether the symptoms are new prodrome symptoms. I also have a CFS diagnosis which I'm not really sure if I have that, or whether I just have CFS symptoms as a result of having chronic migraines. Either way, I've been pretty run down since the end of last year and still struggling to get myself right.

Very few of my symptoms ever seem to have any consistency, so it's really hard to tell. Hope you're getting some let up from your symptoms.

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I have always felt dizzy spaced out very nauseous and the most terrible stomach sensations before an attack.


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