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Migraines and Auras

Hi, I hvae had qite a few migraines over the past 4 weeks with persistant auras daily. I have been to the optiticans and my eyes are healthy and the doctor does not seem too worried and gave me beta blockers. I am uneasy about taking them and now I am getting increasingly worried that there is something wrong with me. has anyone else experienced these daily auras? Thanks

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Hi Lisa my migraines were always aura (40yrs now). They knocked me out with horrific pain for days at a time, then a day feeling like my head would fall off, then a day feeling like i had a terrible hangover. I wish i found what i found now in my 20's.

Daily migraines for 4yrs, my migraines always seemed to be hormone related and when i entered perimenapause 4yrs ago everything went crazy out of control.

My husband got me migralense green tinted glasses 8mths ago (wow 8mths 😱 just realised it was that long ago) i have had 3/4 aura migraines in 8mths!!! First time in my life!!

Best Β£40 ever spent, I've spent thousands on gadgets/treatments etc but these have changed my life. No more living in the dark.

I got them on Amazon.

Be well and don't stress πŸ‘


Thank you so much for replying, I will look into the glasses.

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Your very welcome. There are lots of wonderful people here who will assist once they see your post πŸ‘ you're not alone.


Hi. You can read my post here:


I've been Migraine free now for almost 3 years. Sometimes if I skip a few days my head feels abit like a did before I had the Migraine and Aura but I don't actually get them as long as I keep taking the supplements.

Hope you find something that works for you

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I always get aura before my migraines. When I first got them I freaked out, which just made them worse (stress is my trigger!). The optician was pretty useless, just saying there's nothing wrong and that no-one knows why aura happen and what they are, but my GP was more reassuring. There aren't long term effects from them, and he tried to encourage me to see them as just another's element of my migraines rather than a reason to panic. I must admit, my migraines aren't that often (fortnightly): as long as I get to a bed in a dark room and take paracetamol, the pain goes - if I don't get to a dark place the pain is like a jackhammer for hours though!

Being on this forum has helped immensely, as I see what others are going through and it's reduced my panic hugely.

Read around the subject lots, read these posts, and hopefully you'll reassure yourself that there's nothing massively wrong with you, and that it's quite normal to get migraine with aura.

Hope this helps!


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Hi there, Lisa

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine with brainstem aura a few years ago and I get long periods where it doesn't really settle at all and no matter what I do nothing really seems to help. I wouldn't say that having a longer period of aura is something to worry about, as scary as it seems.

I'll assume you've had an mri at some point to rule out any other possible issue though?

Really, the variety of symptoms can persist for long periods, it's just the nature of the beast. I know that's probably not helpful, but it's not something to worry about, it's just a part of the condition. Just try to stay calm as best as you can, stress will certainly make things worse.

Hope that you're well.

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