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Flexible Migraine diary - on phone etc?


Looking for How do you keep your diaries please?

I dont get the headaches but im told my visual disturbance and other neuro symptoms are migraine aura. I have trouble differentiate start and end times so i dont know how to begin documenting anything. I am hoping to get a follow up neurologist appointment within the next month and an eye doctor told me to do a diary but i just dont know how to do this . I dont think its food /drink related.. any help would be appreciated.

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I use an app migraine buddy.ehich is brilliant and also travks sleep. Have a look but I think it’s excellent

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I used the same and I agree it's very good!

Thank you for your replies!

I have started using this and i do think its a good app & easy to use.

Not sure if its going to help me figure out anything though but for a diary app that is pretty much what i had mind and is better than other ones ive seen.

I inputted a week of info which i took to show my GP yesterday. Unfortunately the doctor couldnt have been less interested and didnt even look at it.

To be fair it wasnt very informative as i basically just had the same visual symptom constantly for the 8 days so not much to go on 😞. Perhaps it will be worthwhile when something (anything!) changes!

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