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Chronic Paryoxysmal Hemicrania


Hi everyone!

It’s my first time here to this website. I am looking forward to peoples feedback and insight :)

7 years ago I began experiencing this horrible pressure in my face, temples and all around my eyes. It came on out of the blue.

Fast forward to present day (to keep my story short)

I had been to over 14 specialists; ophthalmologists, ear nose and throat, cranial sacral, massage therapists, acupuncturists etc.

I could not get a diagnosis and it was totally making my quality of life diminish. I couldn’t see properly, my face hurt all the time, I couldn’t hold conversations- it felt like there was a balloon behind my forehead.

I finally went to another neurologist last month- not sure why the first neurologist didn’t find anything... he gave me indomethacin to test out and diagnosed me with chronic paroxysmal hemicrania. They were successful for two weeks and then started making me really loopy and sick feeling. Now, I am having to get off them totally because of an upcoming surgery on December 10th. Just since the weaning process began, the pressure is coming back with a vengeance. I have these headaches all day every day. No down time.

Anyone have any insight as to this particular headache?

Currently taking magnesium and the process of testing out some cbd oil in hopes of relief.

Thank you in advance! :)

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Is the surgery for your hemicrania? Sorry I don't know anything about your condition but I think a lot of us wish there was a surgery we could have.

Raleigh4371 in reply to Cat00

I wish as well... no it’s blockages relating to my bladder.

Cat00 in reply to Raleigh4371

Ah shame for us and for you! Hope it goes well for you! Xx

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