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Postpartum daily headache


Hi all!

A little history. I am 6+ months postpartum and around 2 months ago I got this pressure headache. I was stressed this day taking care of a new baby and it was hot in my apartment. The headache seemed to settle in my right side of head - temporal area and has been off and on every since. It is not pain but pressure. It has gotten somewhat better but drives me nuts. In the morning I am good then around noon the pressure starts to build . Stress seems to worsen it. A neurologist told me it was a chronic migraine but I am skeptical. I also have a had some heart palpitations for 1 month which seem better. Had blood tests, CT and seen several docs. Please help.

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Hi Katelibb

My specialist have told me I'm in the too hard basket but don't really know what I've got. At beginning was told I had a stroke, then hemiplegic migraine then chronic long term migraine with post traumatic stress disorder. I have a pain on my left hand side of my head from the back to the front. The pressure was so intense that I didn't want any one to touch it. I'm not on any medication as I had allergies to all that's been given for the past 4 months I been seeing my osteopath to reduce the pressure and remove the fluid. It has helped so much that the last three weeks I have started to feel human again. It has been six months.... I really feel for you especially having a baby as well. The pressure is horrible. Osteopath taught my husband how to massage my face while I did breathing exercises. At the he beginning I did a little yoga to relax face muscle. Just search on YouTube. Only two minutes. Where possible just take some time out when baby is sleeping to relax. Apparently it is key. Good luck.

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