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Unidentified new headache

Hello All

I'm new here. I've suffered continuous headache and chronic migraine for 20 years. I've tried pretty much every treatment going.

However, For up to 5 hours a day for the past 7 days now I've had a new type of headache that I've never had before ( in addition to normal headache.)

The new pain is in two milk bottle top sized circles at the back of my head at the bottom to the left and right. It's not as bad as a migraine ( pain is prob 6/10) and makes me constantly want to press these areas. It's worrying me because it's totally different to normal headache. It hasn't responded to naproxen or paracetamol. Yesterday I eventually got a normal migraine in addition so I took almogram which did clear it, but it's back today. Does anyone have similar/ know what this is?

I am pre menstrual but not like any pre menstruated headache I've ever had before.

Was considering going to GP but thought it would be better to ask people who have first hand experience.

Thank youuuu

Daisythesnail x

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It's best to check out new headache with a GP. Although, unless it is a headache which clearly needs referral, if they are not a headache specialist they may not have an explanation.

I've had several different kinds of new headache/migraine over the last 10 years, I do get something like you describe as well, and all I have been told by one doctor is that migraine changes. From my own experience & research that seems possible, that different, new headaches are a different manifestation of the same disorder, especially when, as in your case, it responds to a triptan.

I'm not a Dr though, so go and see yours and get checked out.


Hi there and welcome 😃. I totally agree with Frodo you need to have this checked out.

I have something similar above my left eye ( on forehead ) i had botox to try to help migraines and got this localised pain after it. They say it's nerve damage from the injections.

Migraine symptoms vary soooo much but get checked out .

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My migraines frequently change their nature and sometimes I'm not sure whether they're migraines or not but nine times out of ten sumatriptan kills them off so they're definitely migraines. The trouble is, I'm taking too many sumatriptans again.....!


Its SOOOO easy to fall into that trap :-(


I would very definitely look around for a good (word of mouth referral) chiropractor/osteopath, who uses acupuncture needles as part of his treatment. I am sure many may poo poo, but do have a go. It has not 'cured' me but very very definitely made a huge difference. Good luck.


Thanks all very much, wow 4 replies :-) feel like I've suddenly been opened up to a whole new world that understands.

I do get migraine changes too, for example last few months I've been shivering whilst in migraine pain...never had that before. But this feels more like a bad headache than a migraine...although like someone it didn't respond to normal medication only a triptan maybe it is migraine.

I'll go to GP but tbh not that convinced that they will know anything, and annoyingly had literally just been to National Migraine Centre when this started ( not for treatment...just a consultation)

Thanks again

DAisythesnail xx

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Hi everyone that replied to me.

I went to the GP this morning. She thinks it is a tension headache in addition to the normal headache (Hermicrania Continum or something) and Chronic migraine that I normally get. She can't give me anything other than what I'm already taking ;-(

The migraine consultant said I need to go Cold Turkey anyway as I've probably also got medication over use headache. I will start a new thread about that because I'm scared and need advice.

Thanks lovely people

Daisy The Snail


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