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Over 2 months with vertigo and migraines


I have been suffering with vertigo and migraines for over 2 months straight. I am lighthead 24/7 the migraines have lasted 2weeks then a few days of relief and then right back to the migraines. The spinning episodes come out of no where. They have happened when I was out walking in public alone. The attack so bad I almost blacked out. I went to the Dr once already just said it was vertigo with migraines. The Dr wants me to go for a MRI and a CT scan.

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Hi Jenniferm8,

I've had really bad lightheadedness when I was taking propranolol to prevent migraines. When I stopped taking the medication, it stopped. Are you taking any medication?

No I don't take med for it just over the counter pain meds. I have just this week started taking valerian root And , it has help call down the 24/7 light headedness.

Hi, I had an episode of this last year. My dr sent me straight to the hospital for tests as I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other without stumbling. My finger to nose reactions were off too. My migraines continued as normal (on average 5 per week) I walked with a stick or holding on to my husband for roughly 8/9 weeks. Hospital scans showed nothing the only thing that was borderline and they decided not to treat was my B6 levels. I’m glad to say it slowly subsided but was never explained although I’ve since read that it could have been a ‘type’ of migraine. How true that is, I do not know. I hope this passes for you soon and is nothing to worry about although I know at the time it is quite frightening x

Hi Jennifer

You seem to have MAV (migraine associated vertigo) or migraine variant. You need to be on a medication called nortriptyline and stick to a strict diet. Can you travel to Kent? There is a specialist consultant who deals with this sort of migraine x

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