Daughter having Constant headache

Hello, my name is Cindy.. I am joining to try and get some answers for my daughter who has had problems with chronic headaches for 5 years. It started while she was cheering in the 8th grade. The first 2 years were on and off again headaches lasting months at a time. The last 3 years have been constant. At first Atlas chiropractic adjustments would make it go away for a week or so but quit working. She has had blood work, MRI's, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and all kinds of medicine that doesn't help. The only thing that has eased the headache is Goody powder or aspirin . She also said smoking marijuana helped but I don't want her to do anything illegal that will end her in jail. I feel like it was an injury to her neck from cheering.. like blood flow to her brain. She has sore eyes with it and has started having problems remembering things.

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  • HI, does anybody in your family have a history of thyroid disease or other autoimmune conditions, or early heart attacks or strokes or multiple miscarriages? MaryF

  • Hi Cindy, that's just aweful.

    I know they done an MRI and I'll bet they just looked at the spinal cord/brain? Did anyone look at her neck vertibres?

    I would ask for a neck CT scan. I'm so sick of these "specialists" not looking outside of their boxes!!!

    I was treated incorrectly for 2yrs, 3 neaurologists concentrated on the migraines but my problem was my jaw!!! Persistent multiple daily migraines.

    Chiropractic would take my migraines away for a wk in the beginning but short lived.

    I wish you well 😘

  • Hi. I had similar issues and have auto immune disease. The fact aspirin helps does also suggest to me an inflammatory condition. I would recommend blood work to look at inflammatory markers like esr crp and ana. A visit to a rheumatologist may be in order.

  • Often Hughes Syndrome/APS responds to Aspirin, mine did! MaryF

  • I have to say I feel her pain, I have been going on about 4yrs of headaches/migraines. I would say if the pot gives her relief bc I have found that it sometimes is the best relief. I know it's not legal, but when it comes to the pain and just general feeling like crap 90% it's nice to have something, until she can find that right med or whatever it is. I am still trying to find that right med.

    Also look into Botox, if your insurance will cover some it works wonders and other it doesn't, tAlk with her doc and see if it's a option. My first round it turned my life around for about 3months, you get the injections every 3months. Works for some and like me it stopped working.

  • Do you have a history of migraines anywhere in your family? Sounds similar to hemiphlegic migraines.Usually thru the female side but it is also on the male side of our family.The reason I ask is because of the fact that she is so young and she is having difficulty remembering things that is one of the symptoms.But of course having head pain for long periods of time does tend to cause memory loss but relax I have been a migraine sufferer for 30 odd years and have had times where the pain has gone on for months on end and my memory has been dreadful.When they do ease your memory does return to normal.She should not have any permanent loss we all go thru this.The eye problem is also a sign of migraine we all have many varied symptoms there is no written rules to them.Even today Doctors still don't know all of the different signs and symptoms of migraines.You could try acupuncture if you believe it is related to her neck area or botox if it is related to her neck.Botox is quick and very simple they inject in the back of the neck and up close to the hairline and it is all very safe and done by a GP or specialist. Goodluck.

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