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Constant headache .. Really worried

Hello .. i am 21 years old male and i have been suffering from headaches which are constant and were mostly severe when they started at first .... but after a month they were moderate but constant ...... i then had a cat scan which they said was normal ..... i took many medicines for it like ibuprofen anti depressants and many more but nothing is stopping them .... But from past ten days i have experienced that i dont have headache in the morning and they start during the day goes on ..... and are usually on the back of head ..... please help me ....

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Hello Amir ...

Are in any type of medication for migraine ...

How long you been with migraine ??

Hope you feeling better soon 😊


First of all, rest assured, that if they have given you a scan and say all is normal, there are no tumours or anything life threatening. So, as debilitating as headaches are, you have to put all your energies into finding the cause, and remember it's all just MUSCLE not your brain aching ;-) Ask your GP for good pain killers that are stronger than ibuprofen and a plan should you need to taken them regularly for a few days. My constant headache was caused by back neck and shoulder tension, which has been relieved by the help of an Osteopath and Amitryptaline medication. You say you have tried 'anti depressants' but you need to get referred to a Consultant who will monitor your use of any drug, usually you start on a small dose and increase weekly, you might not see any relief for a few weeks......how long did you take them for? You say you don't have the headache in the morning but it comes on in the afternoon, is this when you are at work? Perhaps you could check your work position chair / keyboard / monitor and avoid computer use for a few days if there is a chance your employer can move you to another position temporarily? Have you had your eyes tested too? Good luck and hope you find your answer.


Google hemicrania continua. I have been diagnosed with that and my symptoms are like yours


So how did the doctor diagnose this in you?? Do you still suffer


I went to a headache specialist at the walton neurological hospital. After an hours cosultation this was the diagnosis he came up with. I started with them 4 years ago after tearing a tendon in my shoulder ( could be coincidence) they were almost daily, about 25 days a month. I have had the faith piercing which I believed helped. I take vitB2, magnesium and vitB12 I'm also on the Gammacore trial which has helped enormously. That has to be offered to you by a headache specialist. I now get about 12/15 days a month but they are a lot less severe. Good luck

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