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migraine is ruining my life


i have migraines about 20 days out of the month i tried every medication under the sun i tried botox acupuncture and i get no relief i also have floaters before they come the sun hurts my eyes and also starts my migraines i mean i live in ny and the doctor said as soon as the law passed he was going to try medical marijuana sometimes they hurt so bad i wish i could take a drill to my head to let the pressure out any advice

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How awful for you. I know what that's like.

To relieve the pain when I have an attack I use ice packs, mainly around my neck. It's the only thing that helps. I have to prop myself up on pillows and I either put a flat ice pack under my neck or a wearable one that wraps around, plus I've got a freezable eye mask which I position so it's in contact with my temples.

Obviously you have to be at home for this, it doesn't help if you are out and have an attack.

Other than that, assuming you've looked at diet and other causes, I'm not sure what to suggest. You could look into (external, not implant) neuro stimulators, there's one called Cephaly you can buy yourself and there's one called gamma core doctors can prescribe.

Hi. I know - the pain is debilitating. A medication which works for me is Maxalt. However, by chance I have discovered that many of mine are caused by gluten. I haven’t cut it out as that’s just too hard, but try my best with it. If though, I now have gluten ( if I’m on holiday for example) the migraines are worse. Guess I’ve become even less tolerant to it now. Worth a try if you’ve not done it already.

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I absolutely agree with removing gluten. I have had migraines with aura since I was five (now 45). The worst being over 3 weeks of constantly having auras every day and a headache for weeks on end along with all the other debilitating symptoms migraines bring. I went gluten free 6 months ago due to stomach issues and amazingly I have only had two migraines with Aura since and that was after starting medication for my thyroid. I still get headaches, but not migraines. It's been wonderful for the first time in my life to get some relief.

You would rather suffer the pain than give up gluten? Astonishing!

mrscandice, I too feel I've taken almost everything (not botox) but unfortunatly nothing has work sucessfully, I now dont take anything at all and Im much better for it,

I know its a dreadful thought most think Im nuts but thats ok, but I do find the migraines are not as intense and I believe the recovery time is quicker, I often think that taking meds can often cause migraine, a sort of rebound headache if you like

ps, dont bother with the weed

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I get them every day and nothing at the moment is working medically! So have just turned to a functional nutrionalist who specialises in women’s health to see if she can help but this involves a very healthy food plan with no gluten, processed, nitrates, grains, flours, sugar, wheat, dairy, soy and corn but willing to try anything! Good luck in your search for relief

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Google pain safe foods / migraine. Read the article. I’ve done it for whole of October and only taken 1 gram paracetamol all month!

I believe the Gammacore device has just become available in the US. Here in the UK you can have it on a three month trial and if it works you might be able to get it on the NHS. It’s has certainly helped with my daily headaches

I understand. I started taking Candersartan on instruction from my consultant at the NMC as a prevetative and its been miraculous! Have great results! Now just a headache a few times a month. Perhpas ask to give that a try?

Mrs Candise, have you tried amitriptlyn (so?). It really helps with having fewer migraines.

I've just started reading the posts on here. OMG, There's so many others the same. I started to get headache/migraines about 5 years ago following 2 seizures. (Apparently I now have epilepsy) With Several changes of medication, mostly anti epileptic meds, which is complicated by the fact that I seem to be sensitive and only tolerate low doses. Nothing seemed to work. Gabapentin did for a while but I still always had a headache it was just more manageable.

Finally about 2 years ago I got diagnosed with Migraines with Aura. Great, another condition! A few more medication to try which have made me feel worse. The problem is my headache is always worse in the morning, after sleep, eases slightly during the day, I don't feel sick or vomit, sometimes sensitive to light and sound and doesn't help if I lay down in a darkened room. Like so so many though the pressure inside my head is horrendous.

I'm hoping to try Botox next time I see the consultant.

Try pain safe foods diet. Working for me!

You sound like me. I wish I could just take my brain out and wash it or disconnect whatever is stuck in there to "migraine ON". Of course my state is too conservative to even consider medical marijuana except CBD for epilepsy. I do know medical marijuana works, though. Twice a year I go to Colorado for vacation. And twice a year I don't have to take the synthetic poison I'm being fed by the pharmacy bigwigs that's legal. I hope you find the relief you need.

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