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9 days migraine first time had headache this bad

Hi all I suffer from anxiety,depression and panic disorder, just gotten over a 18mth long panic disorder where I suffered anxiety all day and night which lead to full on panic 2-3 times a day, suffered migraines due to lack of oxygen to the brain while in panic attack, which lead to disoriented and brain unable to communicate with rest of body to move so end up on floor unable to move with throbbing headache/ migraine symptoms, but after dose of pain killers, hot pack and hot bath with head under water for approx 20-30 mins end up with headache and bearable. But very tired so end up sleeping for approx 1-2hrs then all good then. Been pretty good health wise even to the stage of taken on casual work approx 15 hrs a week. But now suffer these migraines all day for past 9-10 days relying on dissolvable pain medication and aspirin dissolvable. Hospital want investigate, on reasons why. Just frustrating when your trying to get life back on track, get some employment and now this. Located in Australia and not sure if this site covers Australia medications. And availability of medications available on Heath (Medicare). I get migraines from sleeping even if it's only for 2hrs. Sensitive to light, psychical activities is a no go. Any suggestions please

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