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Migraines have come back (intro)

Migraines have come back (intro)

I'm a 47 year old man. In my childhood I would get bad migraines from time to time. A cause was never found, but they went away when I entered adolescence. In the past few years I've gotten migraines from time to time, some not so bad and some absolutely terrible. Lately the frequency has increased dramatically to the point that I now seem to be getting one nearly every day, and it sucks. I'm keeping a journal of things I eat, meds I take, weather and environmental changes in an effort to determine triggers. As best I can tell right now, they're triggered by the mere fact that I'm alive and breathing.

I've been hesitant to see a neurologist because I'm already taking more prescription meds than I want, and I'm sure here in Tennessee that the first thing an M.D. will want to do is throw meds at the problem. I've been doing all I can myself to determine root cause, but at this point I've had it. I'm going to make an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow and see if he or she can help me. I've attached a screenshot of my recent headaches, and as you can see they've gotten progressively worse in the past month.

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I have chronic migraine which can be almost daily at times my neurologist told there was no point looking for triggers with my type of migraine. She said when you are this chronic the likelihood is that the triggers are unavoidable anyway.


Hi Googley. First of all , you mention you are taking more medication then prescribed, that in itself can cause rebound migraines. So I suggest trying to come off those strong medication if you can. Always let your doctor know you want to do this. Also get bloodtests done. My migraines were caused because I was on the lower end of the scales with my B12 and I also had other neurological symptoms as well as the terrible migraine headaches. I now get injections regularly and top up myself when I need them. Also have your folate and vitamin D levels regularly checked as well as magnesium and potassium levels. All were low in my case. I now know how to manage quite well with supplementing from time to time, eating healthy and cooking from scratch, no additives as citric acid / lemon juice and MSG and taking regular moderate exercise. It's not easy to come off the strong pain relief medication, but if I managed because there were no other alternatives , most people will be able to do so too. Might have to take some time off. It has been so worthwhile I can function normally, eat out, from time to time, always mentioning I have a problem with citric acid/ lemons and oranges. I can be relied on when I have to travel for work or holiday without chucking up en route or at destination. The injections help with the severity of the migraine, pain is less as well as the duration. If I now have a migraine coming on, which sometimes still happens , I can get through the day with either a suppository or tablets of 1000mg Paraceatamol aswell as 1 Nurofen 600mg , sometimes take this cocktail twice during that day. I help myself reducing my workload and also wearing sunglasses if necessary . You will find a lot of good advise on this site as well as on the P.A.S. site. I hope you find a way to manage your migraines better soon. Also good to know that I am not a doctor, just speaking of experience! I suggest you find a neurologist who is willing to treat and support you in a different way to manage your migraines.


Don’t know whether you have a headache specialist that can prescribe the Gammacore device. I was diagnosed with Hemicrania Continua, which is the medical term for constant headaches. Since using it my headaches have decreased in frequency and severity. I think it came to the US beginning of this year. Might be worth mentioning it to you neurologist..good luck


Hey Googley "As best I can tell right now, they're triggered by the mere fact that I'm alive and breathing"....I'm feeling your pain! In Feb this year I was struck with episodic migraine, aura in right eye with severe head pain that lasted 2-3 days, then a couple of days feeling tired and generally unwell/worn out before the next 1 started! In the UK I found a private Headache Clinic that has given me several recommendations, daily supplement of Dolovent (look it up and see if you can buy online?) and 75mg Aspirin. This seems to have stopped the aura, and as my consultant describes 'migraine' as a 1 sided headache, that has now changed into daily head and neck pain. Like you I have looked for food triggers but couldn't see any link and the Consultant agreed that when head pain is virtually permanent it's unlikely to be your diet, especially as you're likely to have favoured the same foods over the last few years with our headache.

I'm now taking Amitryptaline which seems to have a positive effect on chronic muscular/skeletal pain. I have gone from 10-40mg daily, no great relief yet, but am told I might need to increase to 50-80mg daily, so I imagine it will be some weeks until I know if it is helping.

Some days I feel quite sorry for myself, I have stopped socialising or making plans any further than this afternoon, but then I think I have got to fight this and get back my joy de vivre! Doesn't help that it's coming into Winter here and I feel like hibernating! Good luck with your mission to find your answers, this site is good for a rant and to let off steam, I've read some uplifting advice and made a penpal who knows what I'm going through, when friends and family are unsympathetic!

Take care and keep us updated with your visit to the Neurologist, you must be sure to find 1 that has an interest in Migraine, that might sound obvious but many don't.

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