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Going Nuts

I tried quite a few things for my frequent migraines and cluster headaches.

Recently, I ate some unsalted mixed nuts, just as an aura began which signaled the start of a migraine. To my astonishment, the migraine did not come. I thought that this was just a coincidence, but decided to test this. Strangely enough, it occurred again.

I read some where, that certain nuts contain vitamin B group, that can help migraine. However, some internet site say nuts can cause headaches.

Of course, nuts should be avoided if you are allergic to them.

Has anyone else experienced nuts stopping a headache or migraine?

It may have something to do with reducing hunger, as I often get migraines when I am hungry.

I usually wash the nuts down with a glass of water, after giving them a good chew.

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I read somewhere that salt in a glass of water can stop or reduce the severity of migraine pain.

I have put it to the test a few times and it has helped, trial and error with the amount of salt. I notice you tried unsalted nuts though!

Interesting! !


Thanks for your input Cally.

Your experience with salt is interesting. In desperation, I have tried various products, in the past, including sodium bicarbonate. This contains a degree of salt. It has never worked.

At around 04.00, this morning, I began to get my first symptoms of an impending migraine. This came in the form of a painful right eye and some aura. I had a bag of unsalted nut nearby. I chewed on one brasil nut and one walnut. Washed it down with water. Within 30 minutes the pain had greatly subsided. I usually also have slightly blurred vision. I am now sitting up in bed typing this message, after 45 minutes, with my vision as clear as day.

I will let you know if this remedy continues to work in the future. Amazing!


Awe Shaas good luck 😁. I've tried everything over 40yrs of this torture.

Everyone reacts differently. I wish you well 👍


Thanks Cally ,

I have also found that it works quicker with ginger tea

I wish you well too

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Thanks Saas, it worth a try. My migraines get triggered when my vitamin B12 levels are low( under 500 pg/mol ) so nuts could perhaps help. However I am having a problem with absorbing B12 from food . If nuts have been treated with sulfites, that can also be one off my triggers, I always have to read labels quite carefully.



The salt in water idea seems to be one proposed by Dr. Angela Stanton in "Fighting the Migraine Epidemic". My copy of the book hasn't arrived yet, but it seems to suggest that drinking a small glass of water on the hour with a pinch of salt in it may help to ward off migraine due to many migraineurs suffering from low blood pressure and electrolyte imbalance. I'm not sure what to think of it yet but I'm giving it a trial to see whether it's effective or not. Something else to add to our arsenal of preventatives to stop the pain!

It's worth giving it a go, in my opinion, as anything that might help sounds good to me.

All the best!

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You have now convinced me to do a trial on this theory.

I will give it 7 days, then let you know.

I do have low blood pressure at times.

Will let you know how I get on.


Good luck!! I'm trying it as well and so perhaps we will both have some success. There is a lot of advice to drink plenty of water to fend off attacks and perhaps adding this little bit of salt will make a difference. Here's to hoping for some positive change! I am finding that a small glass of water makes a difference and not drinking too much at one time. Really hope that this may help...

Take care.

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Not sure if i would do it with every glass of water although anything is worth a try.

It definitely stopped one in its tracks, i had aura and wasn't hope so i put2 tablespoons of salt in a 1/2 pint glass of water and drank it in a oner. I did feel a bit sick but held it in lol i didn't get the migraine pain but the aura came back twice which is really unusual for me.

Good luck to you both 😚


That should say "i wasn't home"

I have also uped my water to 10 glasses a day. I think that helps👍


This blog might prove helpful


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