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14 year old headaches

My daughter has had a frontal migraine type headache for 7 months they have ruled out brain tumour and her eyes have been checked despite her vision being cloudy most of the time, she feels sick and dizzy her balance is off and her head is constantly thronging

I'm not sure what else to do paracetamol given with ibuprofen hasn't touched her pain !

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Has your daughter not been givrn any preventative's? Has she been diagnosed by a headache specialist?

I know it's very frustrating, so sorry she's suffering.

I was 12 when mine started (now 51) always hormonal.

So many factors can be involved, not one cure fits all 😣


Dear Jeannies2007

My nearly 16 year old daughter started suffering from headaches, nausea and missed a lot of school in Yr9. It was only after a year of this that we realised that she may be suffering from migraines. She was finally seen by a neurologist who confirmed that it was the likely cause and suggested she take Migraleve which didn't help her pain at all and I was not particularly happy about her taking medication which was partly comprised of codeine. After a few further GP sessions, I finally took her to the National Migraine Centre, a charity in London specialising in Migraine. One of their fabulous doctors helped by prescribing Domperidone to help with the nausea and also explained that this was essential to open the pyloric sphincter (the ring of smooth muscle that separates the stomach from the upper part of the intestines). When a migraine occurs, the stomach dilates and any leftover food stays in the stomach, which can cause the nausea and vomiting that often accompany migraine headaches. This phenomenon also explains why migraine medications taken by mouth aren't very effective once the headache is intense—they aren't well absorbed into the bloodstream. The domperidone therefore helps the absorption of pain medication. Also, she prescribed Sumatriptan nasal spray (now that she is older she takes a tablet) to take when the nurofen or paracetamol didn't help the pain. She also suggested that she drink Coca-Cola with the painkillers as the caffeine also helps absorption and helps with blood sugar levels.

My 9 year old daugher is also currently taking preventative medicine for abdominal migraines in the form of Propranolol to try to help with daily stomach pain.

I would suggest that you approach one of the migraine charities as they have excellent doctors who have an interest and specialise in headaches. I think your daughter will find it immensely helpful.

BTW - There is also a childrens headache clinic at Great Ormond St as well.

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Brilliant thanks we tried propranolol but her BP crashed to 60/80!


Usage of Domperidone is controversial. In many countries, combination of Domperidone and Paracetamol is often taken by migraine patients. However, although conflicting studies exist, MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guideline says, there is "a small increased risk of serious cardiac adverse drug reactions related to the use of domperidone."

Since your daughter is very young, and hopefully not taking more than 30mg per day, she is probably ok.

Just to let you know - Domperidone is not approved for sale in the USA (for human) - not even via prescription, FDA has banned it.

I have used Domperidone in the past, and I found it very useful but at present I do not feel sick (but I get headache all the time) - so I do not use Domperidone anymore.


Hi....I think it may be worth bringing her to a specialist to get daily meds.

I have a constant dull frontal headache since December 2012....Not an HR free. The preventative meds keeps me at a pain level of 3-4....So I can still function/work.

When mine ramps up I get random sspasmsand like a screwdriver being jammed in my head. I then have meds on hand to help.

In the interim....I would suggest plenty of water...And if possible​ a cherry stone/ heat scarf on d area to sooth pain...

Good luck....


Thanks xx


Hi my daughter has had a similar thing, first at 14 - was told they were tension headaches, & linked to getting stressed at school, then possibly linked to hormones as they think she has polycystic ovary syndrome & was given naproxen to try as nothing else over the counter worked.

She's now 17 & they changed into migraines which had her in bed for

day/s at a time - she has recently been prescribed propanalol & this seems to be helping her a lot.

Hope your daughter finds some relief soon.


Thanks , we're gonna try massage and kinesiology she's been going to school part time which helps to keep her busy , propranolol dropped her BP to 60/80! So giving that a miss xx


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