Eating to combat migraines

After many years of migraines one thing I have realised is the importance of eating regularly. As soon as I start to feel hollow I can feel a migraine coming on. I work long hours and I am looking for ideas for snacks that I can eat on the go. I try to have a good breakfast and take a sandwich or suchlike for lunch. In between I have things like a cereal bar and fruit- banana, apple and satsuma. Also mixed nuts are good too.

Does anyone have any other ideas for tasty, filling snacks, easy to prepare and eat on the go, and not high calorie? I am sick of bananas if any one has any better suggestions!

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  • I was told slow release carbohydrates are so important in migraine prevention. I carry granola with me, and also flapjacks. I often crave salt when a migraine is inbound so although not healthy crisps too! I eat a plant based diet so a little treat doesn't hurt!

  • Thanks for this. I tend to crave sugar when I have a migraine but I'm sure this is worse for you than salt.

    Flapjacks sound good.

  • Hi, it's best to avoid sweet things and cereals when hungry as these create a sharp rise in blood sugar, then the inevitable plunge which can set off a migraine or, at least, bring on the hunger again more quickly. Most fruit is best avoided too, particularly bananas. Protein is the best thing e.g. A hard boiled egg, cold chicken, ham, a few salted peanuts ( about 20), OR a small amount of cheese. Protein is satisfying but if you feel you need carbs, a couple of oatcakes or rye crisp breads may be ok as these have a lower gluten content. Carbs convert to sugar within the body, so, again, not the best thing. Eat all these things with a full glass of water and a pinch of salt, to help feel a bit fuller and avoid dehydration when you're busy. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks this helps a lot. I like the idea of boiled eggs and cold chicken. People always say eat a piece of fruit in between meals to stave off hunger but I find it doesn't fill me at all. Oatcakes is a good idea. And I probably don't drink enough water though I get sick and tired of having to drink so much.

  • I know, and it's hard to remember when you're busy. If your blood pressure's low-ok it's good to take a pinch of salt with a couple of mouthfuls of food which contains potassium e.g. Most uncooked veg are high in potassium. The two minerals help the water you drink to be retained within your cells and not to to be peed out to soon. I've Been so much better since I started eating and drinking in the ways I've mentioned. Sorry if it's TMI. 😬

  • Not at all. So if I ate things like carrot or celery pieces, maybe dipped in a dash of salt that would be quite filling and help me to retain my water intake? And the added benefit of being low calorie.

  • Yes indeed. I hope you find other ways to start feeling better too. It's very hard to keep working, isn't it? I was a nurse and had to retire early a few years ago. I think I'd manage better these days. Good luck.

  • Yes it is hard working long hours when you suffer from fairly chronic migraine as I do. I'm on holiday at the moment and haven't had a migraine for 3 days, which is good for me! Just being able to relax, sleep more, rest when I want to, and eat regularly.

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