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Migraines and working


Hello everyone, fellow migraine patients. How do you all go to work? Im trying to pay off my house in as few years as possible and thought I must work full time. Had chronic migraines for three years since viral meningitis. Been at a full time job for first time in two years after overseas flight and had seven weeks of full time migraines only relieved by steroid nerve blocker. Dear god, how on earth am I going to survive four years of this? I think thats all I have in me. By then I will be 51 years old and I just cant see myself working past that time. What do the rest of you do? Im so sick most of the time I know I should be on disability but I keep trying. I have had some good periods after the botox injections started in March 2015. But I have tipped the balance back to the bad times and I m not sure if I can keep it in check. I just dont know if I can do this for three or four years. Thats how long it will take me to pay off my house and thats not too long. But it could be if im sick as a dog all the time. Any ideas? Please share with me, Im so desperate. I went to Ankor Wat in Cambodia and the flight home maybe started the whole process again.

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Awe claudeminh, it's just aweful 😭 unfortunately there's no magic cure that fits all as you know. I always considered myself lucky bacause i would get a bad attack on a friday and it would be manageable by monday and didn't interfere with work although i would be in a dark room all wend.

I'm currently off sick with no pay and have been for 2yrs now. Waiting on a 2nd operation on my jaw after being diagnosed with hemacrania continua migraines incorrectly long story, but I've tried everything the migraine world had to offer over that time, even purchased a cefaly machine which gave me jaw pain and did nothing for migraines

I couldn't do my job if i tried 😭 persistant daily migraines for 2 yrs and dizzyness which is taking over my life!!

I can control my normal migraines with sumatriptan injections but a lot of people take feverfew every morning which seems to help.

Hope you find a solution that fits you 😀

sjwhitfield in reply to Cally01

Someone on this forum said go to Facebook page migraine sufferers who want to be cured, I am going to try this after feeling at the end of myself, I am just reading about it now. Let's hope it works.

Like you I have to work. I am 52 and had migraines for 30 years. The only way I get through is by living off triptans which I know is not good but I would not cope otherwise xx

I'm the same.  If I couldn't take Imigran I wouldn't be able to hold down my full time job, that and flexi time help me manage work.  I'm in work till I'm 67!!! I'm 54 now feels like a mountain to climb.  Joys of public sector working!!

Me too- I work for the nhs. Some days I feel really horrendous at work and have to inject in the toilets. It's very tough but thanks for your message as its some comfort to know there are others like me !! 

designer111 in reply to KateeB

HI KateeB, can I ask about the injections please. Do you think they get into your blood stream quicker and more effective than tablets? I'm not worried about injecting myself and wondered about this route. Thanks

KateeB in reply to designer111

Hi yes the imigran injections start working after only about 10 mins it's very effective and the only drug that helps when I am in very bad pain. If it's not as bad I use imigran nasal spray which is also better than tablets . Hope that helps xx

Claudeminh in reply to KateeB

Hi yes its hard thats for sure. Today I asked to drop to four days a week and will see what they say so I can just survive. I am feeling a lot better after a streroid injection though so pretty stoked about that.

KateeB in reply to Claudeminh

Do they say the steroid injection will last a while? Is that a Greater Occipital nerve block? I had a couple of those and was really good after but only for 2 weeks xx hope yours last longer as it's such a relief xx

It is really difficult isn't it?! I tried to fill out a form for disability allowance but unless you are elderly and infirm and cannot tie your own shoe laces up (this really was a question) then you cant seem to claim for anything. I used to freelance and spent £2,500 in a year or so in having private treatment and lost days without pay. I have been perm for the past year and just recently got a call from HR wondering if I was going to be ill a lot again year because our company will be busy. I was super p*ssed off about that! I cannot control it or enjoy taking time off work!

One point is though, I am wondering if psychologically you have this pressure on you to pay off your house so quick (sort of quick) and that is giving you headaches? 

hi yes you are right, the pressure is self induced and I dont have to pay the house off, i was just wanting too. But today I asked to drop a day of work and they seemed to think that was ok so I will go down to 4 days a week which gives me time to recover, so have each wed off etc. Like you, I dont qualify for disability payments and I would rather work. But the thing about having a disability is that often we can work, but need flexability to be able to do it.

sentinel in reply to designer111


I do work but I wanted to let you know it is possible to receive the new PIP benefit which has taken over from DLA. I suffer from hemipligic migraines and was awarded this mid 2015, after filling in a form and being assessed by a practitioner. They ask about good and bad days and I explained I had bad and not so bad days, never a clear day. Please seek help to fill these in as they are a point based form and you can qualify for the care component of this.

As far as working is concerned I'm 37 and have had chronic migraine since 15 and it's tough, some days I can't even find words, have sight in only one eye etc, but have a house kids to support as with all of you I live on medication, but I also don't eat processed food or gluten as this is a trigger and I do self acupuncture at my desk (this helps) plus use aromatherapy oils as smells are another of my triggers so I counter act them. Clarity sage is a great nerve numbing oil which I always keep at hand X

My newest treatment outside my massive pill box is botox. I had this 4 days ago. I really hope it works, a bit of quality of life wouldn't go a miss!

Claudeminh in reply to sentinel

Hi thanks for the reply. I am in Australia and the system is different to the UK. I am not sure I qualify for anything but I will ask my gp again and see what they say.

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