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Experiences of amytriptalene successful on migraine, but still got the headache..advice and experience please!

Hello. My son 13 has developed Chronic Migraine. He has bee given amytriptalene by a headache specialist, which now, 4 months seems to be kicking in at 50mg. He has had no migraine for 5 weeks! hurrah! However, the constant headache has always remained. Has anyone any experience of this? Is it possible the amytriptalene will eventually help with this too?

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Although Amitriptyline can control migraine but success rate of stopping headache is very poor. It is sad that your son has developed this at such an early age ! The 'headache specialist' would probably try other things, but some basic questions -

1) Is he doing enough exercise? I know when you have horrible headache you really don't want to - but he still has to (if he is not).

2) Is he drinking plenty of water (non-sugar)? 2 to 3 litres water per day would be good. Cut down fatty and sugary food as best as you can.

3) Try removing red meat (all types) and only let him eat white fish, no tuna & salmon. Reduce cheese and wheat as much as possible and introduce vegetables (I know they don't like to eat veges).

4) Can he sleep before 11pm? I know it is difficult when he has headache all the time.

These should improve the condition (I concede it is easier said than done).


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