Advice needed for migraines please

Hi. I hope someone can assist me with my battle against headaches and migraines. I have tried Amitriptyline but unforuntately it made me so tired I could barely function. My dr swapped me onto propranlol 80mg daily. That didnt have much effect so it was increased to 160mg daily. Whilst that appeared to help somewhat, i still got daily headaches but the main problem was insomnia. I am now weaning off the propranlol as i can't function with virtually no sleep every night. I have reduced the dose back down to 80mg with a view to coming off completely over the next few weeks. Already, after a week my headaches are back to being horrendous :-( so clearly the higher dose was working. What are my alternatives now? I cannot function with the exhaustion caused by amitriptyline, but the same goes for insomnia caused by propranlol. has anyone come across this problem before? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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  • Sounds horrible for you. If beta blockers work for you then how about trying a different one eg Bisoprolol which has less side effects? Or Timolol?..(not sure about the side effects.)

  • thank you . i will certainly mention that next time i am at the dr.

  • My nephew suffered migraines for over 30 years until the doctor put him on beta blockers ! He has never had a migraine since !

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