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Appointment Update - Hemicrania Continua

Hey guys, as you know i had an appointment with my specialist last Saturday and it went really well. I now have a couple of paths to go down in terms of options of getting me better. I am currently on Indometacin for 2 weeks to see if i have Hemicrania Continua. He seems to think that i dont have it but this medicine will diagnose if i do or dont. Anyone had any experience with this??

If i dont have that then he thinks its still the Hemiplegic Migraines and i will be having Botox in a couple of months to see if that will relieve some of my symptoms. The Indometacin is making me feel awful currently but i think its just my body getting used to it.

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I had that, dizzy, felt nervous for no reason and got a rash. I was diagnosed with hemacrania continua and it didn't help me.

My diagnosis remained the same with that neurologist. I seen another neurologist who said it was vestibular migraines and a 3rd neurologist said hemaplegic migraines!!

Had all treatments/prevention meds, nothing working for me.

Good luck huni x

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My neurologist thought I might have hemicrania continua and put me on Indomethacin too. I had some good results, but not enough to prove I had the hemicrania rather than just regular migraines so I came off it. I didn't get many side effects, just an upset stomach towards the end of my phase of taking it.

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Yeah i do keep being sick and im very dizzy :(


Neuro Opthamologist??


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