Unusual cure for my migraine

It was in fact only a matter of time after arrival in Hong Kong in 1974, that I started to get Migraine headaches, which although not of the blinding, must draw the curtains, and get under the blanket type, was never the less irritating. Eventually I was able to use a medicine which managed the problem. (Cafergot, no longer made.) At times I was getting one or two a week, and at the time it was suggested that I was allergic to Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and tried to avoid food which had this additive, however Chinese food, especially at restaurants, was normally well laced. So for the next 30 years I endured the problem, hoping one day it would go away. In 2007 I returned from a round world cruise and found that I was 8 kilos heavier than when I started. So I decided that this needed to be rectified. I literally changed my diet and reduced my food intake. I also totally cut out Honey from my diet as I had been using that as a sugar replacement since first arriving in Hong Kong, and a lot of it. As a result, I found much to my amazement that the Migraines stopped. I tested that by using Honey on different occasions and each time, back came the Migraine. So I then decided, much as I enjoyed Honey, Migraines needed to go, so cut it from my diet completely, and now (2017) ten years later, I no longer suffer from Migraines.

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  • Wow it's amazing good for you 🤗

  • Brilliant 👌

  • Interesting. Maybe down to a sensitivity to salicylates (not sure how accurate the following is or how well researched but it gives you an idea) atpscience.com/salicylate-f...

    Difficult as so many foods contain them.

    You would also find that NSAIDs don't suit you. I certainly find that to be the case - I can't tolerate them.

    Thanks for posting. I do eat some honey every day - perhaps I will give it a miss for a while and see what happens.

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