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Hi guys, I'm new here so just want to drop a quick hello. I'm currently 25 and suffer from Migraines. I'm just looking for some help/advice. I've been a migraine sufferer for around 3-4 years, usually I will get them every couple of months. The stages are blurred vision, blind spot + feeling sick and then a horrible migraine in the left side of my head. I've sort of got used to it over time and because my mum suffers from Migraines I tend just to class it as "something passed down" and I've been the unlucky recipient of this horrible issue. Lately I've started to follow a diet plan and work out again, after a few years of not really doing much. Since doing so I've had 3 Migraines in the past 1-2 weeks. I'm due to go to the doctors tomorrow but can anyone shed some light on this or if anyone has had similar experiences please let me know...

Thanks 😁

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Hi Richyboychild 😁 welcome.

Have a google for excersise induced migraines, there are some tips on there and be careful not to clench your jaw while doing excersise ( that's one of my issues, look at TMJD symptoms too ).

Be well 😁 #ihatemigraines!!



Any change in your routine is likely to cause migraine. When I started training again after a long break it made my migraines worse. If you keep exercising so that it becomes routine they are likely to subside. I train 5 days a week, I have a day off on Thursday and Saturday, I think not having two days off at the weekend is a good idea migraine wise. I do interval and combat training, very intense exercise it really helps with my energy levels and non-migraine related pain. Build it up gradually too, I started with one day a week initially and then over a year and half I've got to seven hours, still have chronic migraine though but I'm fitter!


Hi I have suffered for migraines for about 30 years,have tried most drugs .have recently had Botox and was migraine free for 6 weeks.only draw back is only lasts for 6 to 8 weeks then need more. I went private as mine got unbearable and I had heard of Botox so I thought I try it.dosent work for everyone though but worth a thought :)


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