Migraines becoming more frequent

Hi, I have been suffering severe headaches for a number of years (approx 10 years), but they have always been infrequent (several times a year). However, for the last 6 months or so, I have been suffering from migraines on a weekly (sometimes 2-3 times a week) basis.

Usually, I get migraine when my eyes need testing but I had them done just a couple of months ago. After they first started to become more frequent. I returned to the opticians convinced my prescription was wrong but after another 2 tests I now know this is not the case.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice, really. I'm fed up of receiving "it's just a headache" from people and have changed GP as I was not taken seriously before. I have an appointment tomorrow with my new doctor and a bit of knowledge from people who are suffering similarly will help.

I appreciate any replies.

Thank you.

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  • It can be difficult to get the severity of your condition across in the usual short GP appointment, so I recommend taking a typed list of symptoms (eg: do you also get dizziness, nausea, balance problems etc) and numbers of days per week/per month you have been ill, how many days in the last six months (compared to previously), how migraine is affecting your life especially with regard to work. Do you have to go to bed, what medications have you tried, how often do you take them, do they work, do they have side effects. Any known triggers for your migraine eg particular foods, lack of sleep etc.

    Even if they do not want to see your list, hopefully it will make it easier for you to explain what is going on in a way they can understand.

  • Sounds very similar. I suffered infrequent migraines for years to but the last two and a half years they have become more frequent as in 4/5 a week. I have tried everything from daily preventatives, Triptans, giving up every known trigger and acupuncture. Most mornings wake up with the usual pain left side of neck and over left eye. Having been told by my neurologist not to take me re tha two Triptans a week out of sheer desperation I had the daith piercing. It has helped a lot .. I have taken just 2 Triptans since having it done which is 4 weeks ago. I'm still waking on occasions with the start of one but can control it with paracetamol and turning the bar . I know it sounds crazy but it's worth you googling and researching. It works for some people and all you have to leave se is the cost of the piercing. Nothing else has helped me ..good luck

  • I feel for you what a lot of pain you are experiencing. See if the Gp can start you on a preventative if you have not tried before and I am not sure what pain relief you are on but triptans are a life saver. Maybe ask to be referred to a neurologist for some tests. Good luck!!

  • Are you sure your headaches are migraines? There are seasonal allergies that tend to worsen. You need to have a MRI done to make sure there is nothing more serious going on.

  • I have suffered migraines since I was 16 due to an accident. I am now 41. Mine were infrequent. As of 6 months ago mine became frequent putting me sending me to the ER and then in the hospital for 3 day. I was diagnosed with Daily Chronic Migraines. I see my doctor, a specialty doctor, and a Neurologist. I also went to a chiropractor and had Acustaples put in my ears. It has been very hard for me. I understand your pain. The Neuro did Botox shots and waiting on a second set. My specialist has me on Topamax, B2, Magnesium and for abortive meds imitrex and naproxen with coffee. You sound like you are dealing with the same. I would def seek out someone who will listen to you. I was told that with migraines we have a certain thresh hold and that is why they start infrequent. Something changed to lower that threshold and that is why the migraine has become frequent. There is no way to go back but there can be help to get treatment to get relief.

  • My next step is also to try the Daith piercing.

  • I feel for you, I agree with river74 with regards to the connection between threshold s and frequency of the attacks...mine started to increase when I was 41...horrible..and have been searching for the trigger/intolerance etc ever since...food allergy tests, eye tests, logging literally everything...I still have not pinned it down completely but I have learnt quite a bit about what I should and should not do..or eat...and some things would leave those who do not suffer with this horrible affliction amazed...if it is this...I hope you all find your triggers

  • Hi again...I perhaps should make clear that the things I should and should not do or eat....were things I previously could and had zero affect on me....now however....not a good idea...

  • I have also learned some of my triggers also ie food MSG is a big one to be watched for especially in processed meats, Chinese and in allot of packaged foods. I am learning to cook all over again. I LOVE Chinese so I just do the all natural fruits, vegetables, and meats even when we go out and have them cook them for me. Our place has a Mongolian part attached so I don't have to give up what I love! I never realized what all triggers migraines because I had always eaten these things. However when your threshold is lowered your body no longer tolerates those things and they really do affect the migraines. Sound, smell and light sensitivity is a factor for me as well. I know not all sufferers deal with that.

  • Same here river74, I spend a great deal of time looking at the ingredients label of any food or drink I buy looking for MSG, I can only eat certain types of chocolate..crazy...but Nestlé is OK...cadbury etc and especially dark chocolate I can't touch. I too have a very good diet now, no processed or take out/fast food...and definitely no BBQ sauce of any kind....that was a tough one....

    I also get effected by flashing lights and dislike perfume shops etc and cannot bear someone standing or sitting to the left of me....that will trigger an attack..I went to an optician about that one...and we found that the muscles in my left (and dominant) eye had weakened and that things in my peripheral vision to my left was also problem...so I've adjusted my life accordingly... I get to meeting early and sit in a seat with no one to my left etc...

  • I will have to keep in mind bbq sauce and watch for it thanks for the heads up. I usually only eat Nestle chocolate as I am a bit particular and not a fan of most other chocolates. I have heard about dark chocolate being a problem.

  • I cannot do fast food either! If we go to a play place for our kids I get a salad. I ate 2 tacos from Taco Bell and spent 3 days in bed. Never again!

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