Flashing light like a camera flash

Hi I was wondering if anyone else ever gets a flash of light that's like a camera flash?

I had this yesterday, had had a few little twinkly flashes during the day. I've booked the GP to make sure it's not my retina, but Dr Google says that with retina you get other symptoms and also your vision gets worse.. still I want to be sure it's not an eye problem.

Just wondered if anyone has had it with migraine at all? I get all sorts of visual disturbances so nothing would surprise me.

Cheers 😬😬

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  • Hello HJ

    It is best to see an opthalmologist as soon as you can. If they see anything wrong they will refer you to an eye clinic. If you have flashes it can mean many things, some harmless, but it is very important that you have your eyes checked promptly with any changes like this.

    If you experience any shadowing of the vision, like curtains, or a large cobweb effect you should go immediately to the A&E. This is what I was advised when I developed a flashing.

    I had flashing develop in one eye, I had it looked at by various eye specialists and nothing was found wrong with the eye. It was then diagnosed as persistent visual aura without stroke by my neuro. Basically it's a rare migraine condition...hence why I say flashes can be caused by different things. Try not to worry, just get it checked, it's painless and not at all frightening to have the eye exams, they are very quick.

    Take a pair of sunglasses with you just in case they use dilation drops as they can make your eyes very sensitive to light for a few hours.

    Good luck, take care.

    PS: don't Google it, it will make you more anxious for no gain. I know, I did it and I made myself more anxious than I needed to be.

  • Thanks, yes I did Google and it is scary. I think it probably is migraine, I've had eye tests years ago when I first had flashing lights, it's just this was different.

    I'm trying to get referred to an eye clinic, I saw my optician recently, but they can't dilate your pupils..

  • Hi HJ

    If you are in the UK, and see an opthalmologist, they do dilate the eye if they feel it is necessary for a thorough examination. Boots did mine. Don't worry if you've not long had an eye test, Opthalmologists are happy to see you if you experience any changes between your regular checks.

    Migraine can do a lot of very weird things to your vision, so it probably is that, but getting checked is always good to do, especially for your vision.

    Good luck, update us all on how you get along.

  • My GP has referred me to an eye clinic so I will see them which is fab. I didn't realise boots offered the dilation thing, all these years and opticians have only ever looked without dilating. Even once when I went with flashing lights when I first had a migraine, they didn't dilate, just did one of the photo things, but I've heard since that it's a bit of a gimmick, and better to have an experienced optician have a proper look.

    Anyhow I feel glad to be going to the hospital to get it checked but good to know.

  • For me it was more like very bright headlight from cars. I also when it's so bad that I am sick and can't eat there very bright lighting and even bright green runnle lights like im goibg back words. My doc tryed diferant things and now i have them under controll. My doc said my migraine were hereditary and the sun into the early morning hours will bring them on, so I don't get up till 10.30 or 11.00. But that is for me. My dog has me on propanelol and sumatriptan. Suma is a migraine pain pill but when taken will make you very dizzy and sick to ur stomach if you move with in 10 mins after taking it.but it works. I have only had sense in the sense January this year... 15 super migraine. 50 + headack and 9 pressure headack! Talk to your doc and see if they will see if you can try them! Good luck!


  • Thanks, I'd love to get up a bit later! I'm terrible with bright lights as a trigger..

  • Hi there.

    My vision gets slightly blurry with a migraine.

    Flashing lights don't sound too good.

    I would love to know how you get on with the doctor.

    I wish you all the best.

  • When I get a BIG migraine coming I get the camera flashing a few minutes prior to the pain (like a warning signal). I've also been to an ophthalmologist to check things out and found nothing else to be the problem.

  • Hi yes most nights when I get up for the loo I get the flashing lights.

  • Oh yeah I often get odd visual disturbances at that time.. and little spots of light..

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