Can anyone recommend a doctor for Hemiplegic Migraine please?

Hi there

Does anyone have a good doctor they could recommend to me. I would like to ask their advice as to whether my weakness is Hemiplegic migraine or not.

To clarify I do not get paralysis but severe weakness that I don't think is just sensory as in numbness. It is definately more than that. Before I knew about migraine I just knew that I had weakness and my Endocrinologist documented it. Also I have had two EMG tests showing myopathy in that leg do I don't think that it's all in my head.

Thanks if you are able to help as I am feeling quite disallusioned and losing hope with it all.

Best wishes

CA x

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  • Where are you in the country? I am in Nicholas Silver's clinic at the Walton Centre in Liverpool.

  • West midlands. Im thinking about making an appointment at the National Migraine Clinic in London. Its not too difficult to get to.

    Best Wishes :)

  • Hi to rule it out, get your doctors to do a blood test for Hughes Syndrome/APS some of the symptoms with Hemiplegic Migraine can overlap! Patients with Hughes Syndrome/APS often have Sjogrens Disease but not always and more than often a Thyroid problem. I can provide the list of blood tests you need to do if you wish me to load them on. MaryF

  • I would highly recommend the National Migraine Clinic , they helped me, plus when I then saw my GP I could tell them what the specialist had advised and the NHS DR had to accepted that I needed Botox after there recommendations for treatment

  • Hello. Thanks for your reply. I am going to make an appointment to go there. Do you mind if I ask what doctor you saw there? Thankyou.

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