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Can anyone recommend a doctor for Hemiplegic Migraine please?


Hi there

Does anyone have a good doctor they could recommend to me. I would like to ask their advice as to whether my weakness is Hemiplegic migraine or not.

To clarify I do not get paralysis but severe weakness that I don't think is just sensory as in numbness. It is definately more than that. Before I knew about migraine I just knew that I had weakness and my Endocrinologist documented it. Also I have had two EMG tests showing myopathy in that leg do I don't think that it's all in my head.

Thanks if you are able to help as I am feeling quite disallusioned and losing hope with it all.

Best wishes

CA x

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Where are you in the country? I am in Nicholas Silver's clinic at the Walton Centre in Liverpool.

CarolineAnne in reply to FN75

West midlands. Im thinking about making an appointment at the National Migraine Clinic in London. Its not too difficult to get to.

Best Wishes :)

Hi to rule it out, get your doctors to do a blood test for Hughes Syndrome/APS some of the symptoms with Hemiplegic Migraine can overlap! Patients with Hughes Syndrome/APS often have Sjogrens Disease but not always and more than often a Thyroid problem. I can provide the list of blood tests you need to do if you wish me to load them on. MaryF


I would highly recommend the National Migraine Clinic , they helped me, plus when I then saw my GP I could tell them what the specialist had advised and the NHS DR had to accepted that I needed Botox after there recommendations for treatment

Hello. Thanks for your reply. I am going to make an appointment to go there. Do you mind if I ask what doctor you saw there? Thankyou.

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