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Hi, just wanted to say that I am sorry to hear that there are so many other people with the same or worse migraine as myself. I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine, I have suffered severe migraine in the for years but didn't realise that there were so many people out there with the same. I have to take two kinds of medication, which since I went to a private neurologist has been much better, the migraine still come but nowhere near as bad as before. I was getting them for 6/7 weeks continuous all the time, I would pump anything down just to try and shift it but nothing was working. I have now been a lot better thanks to the increased medication, and the doctors surgery now know that if I go back my medication can be increased up to 150mg. Thank goodness for that.

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It is amazing just how many people suffer from chronic migraine. I have had migraines for 25+ years but they became chronic last April. I have had botox as my miracle cure. Have only had 3 in the past month instead of continuous headache/migraine as they were last year. Glad you have treatment that work for you.




Glad you've managed to sort yours must be amazing to be headache free. I still get them but mild at the moment hopefully they won't return xx


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