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Face Pain - Related to Migraine?

Hey All,

This has been bugging me since Dec. Have been to the doctors but they havent taken much notice but basically, im a chronic migraine sufferer - hormonal mostly. So i suffer for half the month or so.

I have noticed since december, that i the temple pain i have been getting has spread into my cheek bones, (upper cheek) i find myself feeling the need to massage my cheeks but the pain is very dull. Sometimes I wont get a full blown migraine but its like the pain has moved to the cheek. It was usually on one side, but now and again like right now, i can feel it on both sides. its around the temple into the cheek.

The doctor said stress and anxiety can cause it but then i feel stuck in a cycle as this really stressing me out. My triptans usually calm it down but i have also been stuck in cycles of taking too many pills so instead i find myself stuck in pain?

Is this migraine related?

Anyone else experience this?

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Hey shuk do you grind your teeth or wake in the morning with teeth indents in your tongue? Just wondering if you have bruxism? I have pain in my cheek right where my jaw opens ( right in front of my ear) the pain travels up to my temples and behind my eyes. Sumatriptan calms it but doesn't take it away. Ice helps though 😂


I have chronic migraine and for the last few months have had face pain as well. It's accompanied by a sense of extreme pressure, around cheekbones, jaw, between the eyebrows and across the bridge of the nose. Often accompanied by a a painful sensation deep within my ear, it seems to start at the base of the skull and move up into the temple and face. Starts one sided and then affects both sides.

I mentioned it to my GP recently and they didn't reply (I find this happens a lot - I describe a symptom and they don't say anything - frustrating).

I wondered if it could be sinus related, but everything I've read so far says there would be mucus etc which I don't have.

So I'm assuming it is in some way connected to nerves and is a progression of the migraine, but this is just guesswork on my part. I don't believe it is connected to stress and anxiety as your doctor suggests.



I have always had some form of face pain with my migraines. However, I've also got neuralgia, so my migraines aggrevate the neuralgia. But I've also heard that the sinuses can cause that kind of face pain/pressure on the facial bone structure.

I totally sympathise with you. I saw a specialist in November and he & my GP have both told me, no-one really knows what causes migraines. So many sufferers have such a wide range of symptoms and triggers, that the medical profession don't have any definitive answers.

I am now on Almogran for migraine attacks and I find it's working well. I also take Epilim as a preventative med. Unfortunately, I think it's trial and error until you find what works best for you.

Hope you get relief soon. But if it continues to stress you out, maybe ask your GP for a referral, if you haven't had one.

Take care, Catherine.

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I'm wondering if its neuralgia. That comes on suddenly as is very painful


If you grind your teeth at night it could be TMJ. Consider wearing a mouth guard at night. Good luck


I agree with this. I was told by my neuro that tmj can cause face, jaw, sinus and lead to need to be evaluated by a tmj specialist to confirm but it sounds an awful lot like possible tmj. I get similar pain and my left jaw pops constantly. And all my migraines are on left side of head. I did have sinus surgery due to deviated septum and bone spurs. I will NEVER go thru that again. Doc was an ass and they chipped my front tooth and I still can't breath out of that side very well. I am having my dentist refer me to tmj doc. But in the mean time I just got my botox scheduled for 3/10. The daith piercing really didn't help but it cost 50 bucks and is kinda cute so im keeping it.


I have nerve pains over my cheeks a lot! I have consider neuralgia but that is extremely painful and this isn't. It almost feels like pinpricks in my cheeks

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I have suffered with migraine for well over 10 year now and I get pain that is in the temples, cheekbones and goes down into my full jaw so in my experience this is migraine related. When I mentioned it to my neurologist the first time she advised it isn't uncommon. I find the only thing that can ease mine is taking my imigran subject triptan injections "/ 


I have always had pain across cheeks, nose and top of mouth with migraine - recently saw a neurologist for trigeminal neuralgia who said that there is such a thing as facial migraine. This is not the same as trigeminal nerve problems - I have both but facial migraine is definitely a thing !


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