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Sumatriptan nasal spray for Migraines


Hi everyone, been a while since i have posted but ive just been prescribed Sumatriptan nasal spray for my migraines, i just wondered if anyone has had any experience with this and anything i should know about it?

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I used the nasal spray for a while as sumitriptan has always worked for me and i hoped the nasal spray would work more quickly. It did reduce the pain slighly quicker but the ghastly taste that came down the back of my throat was so horrible that i stopped using it and have gone back to tablets. Hope you get on better with it.

I had zomig for a while - nasal but a different triptan - did work well for me but was on trial and never got it put on repeat prescription - and was also on other triptans which made life difficult - need to be careful not to use more than one at a time.

I used it for about 1 year, it is very effective, but for me the awful bitter liquid that runs down your throat just made me vomit more, it made the inside of my nose ulcerated and I developed a hole in my nasal septum, so I moved back to the tablets.


Hi, I have used the tablets for a few years now and the doctor prescribed me the nasal spray because the doctor said that it would work quicker than the tablets. He was right and it did relieve migraines quicker but the awful taste down the back of my throat was disgusting and it made me even more nauseous. I stopped using the nasal spray and now stick to the tablets.

That being said, the nasal spray might be great for you so definitely give it a go!

Yes the horrible taste is off putting, but feels like it works quicker. Did great for me but I felt that I then got used to them and it wore off.

I haven't used the sumatriptan nasal spray but have the injections, it has been very good for 70% of my migraines. I used to have rizatriptan in melt in the mouth wafers, They tasted disgusting but used to work until about a year ago. Try it and see if it worls for you, it is different for everyone. Good Luck

I used the nasal spray for a few years until they started giving me rebound migraines, as have all the other triptans I've tried. They do give a bit of a horrible taste, which I didn't mind too much, and I felt that they kicked in more quickly than tablet formation.

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