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Zolmitriptan instead of sumatriptan


Hi i’ve been getting migraines for 21yrs now it and at the beginning it was truly horrendous with finding meds that would agree and work for me. The passed 9yrs i’ve managed my migraines with preventive meds, sumatriptan tablets and voltoral injestions but the last few months my migraines are becoming more frequent so my GP has suggested Zolmitriptan tablets instead of sumatriptan

Any input on this would be extremely appreciated

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Hi , I've had all the triptans and found them to be roughly the same at effectiveness. I do prefer rizatriptan melts especially if I'm nauseous.


Lola04 in reply to Cally01

Thanks Cally01 i guess i’ll just have to work my way through them as well if Zolmitriptan doesn’t work

designer111 in reply to Cally01

I agree Cally. I think the triptn family are a much of a muchness. They all leave me feeling pretty 'bleurgh' after taking them. No such thing as a perfect med to get rid of a bad head perfectly.

Hi I've been on Zomig nasal sprays for 10 years or more and I find it the most effective of the triptans. I was having to take at least 300mg of sumatriptan a time to even touch my migraines and then I would have stomach problems for days afterwards. Thats why I would always opt for a triptan in nasal spray form. I've tried about 5 other triptans over the years.

Cally01 in reply to Cat00

Hey cat😁

Do you not get a terrible burning sensation when you use the nasal spray?

I found it unbearable.

Cat00 in reply to Cally01

I can get a bitter sensation as it goes down the back of your throat but seeing as I can only have 6 a month I associate it with pain relief anyway. You know how you can actually look forward to Botox injections for the same reasons even though there are over 30 of them!

Also the sprays have been brilliant for my stomach especially with migraine related nausea/slow gut issues. I'm in so much pain with the migraine I'll try anything to get relief.

Cally01 in reply to Cat00

Yeah i get ya!! Wiped out for 3 day's now with the mother of all migraines!! Using my injections now 😣

Sick of it 👊👊

Be well !!

I always found Zolmitriptan very effective and used it for many years, in fact it was the first one that would actually stop the migraine. I then moved on to Rizatriptan which was also quite good but I found that i had to get the timing right.

I started with Zolmitriptan and tried another 3 triptans. Still Zolmitriptan is the most consistent. The best for smooth action and mild or no side effects was Eletriptan but it happened to have a migraine the very next day a couple of times after taking it.

I have noticed big differences between generic Zolmotriptan manufacturers. Jamp brand didn't do much, Mylan has worse side effects and PMS works better than Zomig original for me.

I too tried that and also topamax, which they both are anti seizure meds...I hope it works for you....check out cgrp....the only drug ever intended for migraine prevention.....suppose to be a game changer...it is available now...July 2018

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