Evening Primrose Oil Treated My Visual Ophthalmic Migraines

I'm 41 now (Male). I had never even had a serious headache before but at age 35 I suddenly had my first visual / ophthalmic migraine. Note that I was working long hours (16h a day) on PC at the time, so eye strain was an obvious culprit.

The migraine started as blurred central vision and I couldn't read anything. At first it was so small I didn't quite realize that I couldn't see because it was blurry. The blurry spot increased slightly in size and with it came shimmering red, green, blue zigzag filled arc shape around the central blur. Over a period of 40min this circle of shimmering colour increased in size and shimmering speed slowed down. As the colour blob/circle increased in size the central area cleared mostly and I could see what I was doing again. The shimmering colour disappeared out of my peripheral vision after about 50min and then about 10min later I was hit bythe worst headache/migraine I've ever experienced. This lasted until the next day. I was unprepared for such a headache and am someone who never even takes a disprin. After that my vision was sensitive to light for at least 3 days and I couldn't work during that time.

The visual migraines recurred at first at about 2x month intervals and continued and grew closer together over a 2x year period until I was having one every day, although with reduced headache to follow. I had by this time been to many doctors, optometrists, opthalmologists and had CT brain scans etc. etc. with everyone clueless.

MIgraines became part of my daily life and was used to waiting for the visual disturbance to pass to carry on with the day.

Then after some research I found that most 'visual vitamin' pills contained evening primrose oil, but they are horribly expensive. So I figured I'd try the pure oil pills and also Flax Seed oil pills since that seemed like a good combination.

I started taking 1000mg pills of Evening Primrose oil and 1000mg Flax Seed oil every morning. After 3 x days my Visual Migraines had reduced in power to zero, and I have now been 3x years Migraine free.

It's harmless and easy to try. I hope this helps someone.

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  • Thanks for sharing I'm glad you got yours under control. Never tried that combination but I'll look into it. Continue to be well 😆

  • Thank you very much for sharing this... definitely something I will try😄

  • Thanks for posting - this is useful to know. Wonder if it points to the fact that your migraines, as well as being eye strain/posture related due to long hours on PC, could also be connected to hormonal fluctuations - as Flax/EPO have mild estrogenic/hormonal effects, are you female - as guess the effect of this may be different male/female.

  • Hello.. Interesting. I'm Male, so not sure of the estrogen/hormonal effect?

  • hmmm... when I replied I thought you were female (you added (Male) later) ... as you mentioned EPO which is usually a supplement taken by women - I have no idea if it has an estrogenic effect on the male endocrrine system, guess you could check with a nutritionist. Just googled "can men take Evening Primrose Oil" and from what I read, it appears to have no detrimental effect.

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