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Eyesight loss


I have just joined the site and been reading through people'experiences. In an odd way it's nice to hear I'm not alone with migraines and all the nastiness. My partner and family do not suffer from migraines so it's hard to talk about symptoms as they cannot relate.

I'm 25 and fairly active but suffer from migraines monthly. I've been prescribed triptan as well as anti sickness. This week in particular I had a bad migraine Monday night starting with loss of vision and then a piercing headache. Unfortunately I had to have Tuesday off work. I felt that tired and drained feeling the following few days. Then again Friday and today I've lost vision. I was just wondering who has the loss of vision too? Do you have any tricks or remedies that work? It's awful when it happens at work or when out.

I thought I was winning as hadn't had a migraine in three months then this week it's been constant.

How often do you suffer?



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Hi bexy when you say you've lost vision, do you mean you have visual disturbance or no vision at all?

My migraines can last between 2 - 6 days, get drained and feel lathargic for a good 24hrs after it.

There are so many different migraines /symptoms and ways of dealing with them it's hellish.

If yours are monthly / hormone related your doctor should be able to help get them back under control.

Hope you get them sorted soon 😆


Sorry I misworded that. It can be loss of vision but mainly disturbed vision where it feels like either double vision or just blurred.

Thanks for your reply!

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I had loss of vision ten years after starting on imitrex and after ignoring it for a couple of days decided to see an ophthalmologist. Turned out to be a retinal vein occlusion (blood clot in eye). If you ever experience a new or long lasting change in symptoms then it’s a good idea to follow up with your doctor. Most of the time it’s nothing but occasionally it’s serious.


I have hormonal migraines - that are kicked off by both changes in hormones. I also get visual disturbances - wouldn't characterise it as lose of sight as I'd always interpreted it as being inability to focus, then I was speaking with some friends who have a family history of silent migraines - just visual disturbance without the headache - and realised it was actually disturbances in the visual field. A few months back I had one that was really localised in the field of vision - right in the centre of the eye - everything totally scrambled and had to stop trying to do the crossword because I couldn't read the clues as a result - but I could watch the tv sort of. What seemed to sort that one out was a good fumble on the sofa with the boyfriend but that isn't exactly a remedy that you can carry around with you :)

Sometimes triptans are a bit of a mixed blessings as they can actually make things worse - I use rizatriptan but tend to find that fractions of a wafer is all I need and taking more than that can actually make things worse.

One of my early warning signs is that I get patches of colour in the field of vision before the migraine proper starts - so if you experience visual disturbances before the migraine actually starts it may be worth trying taking a little bit of triptan at that point.


hi I suffer from loss of vision it was really scary at first mine last for days then it slowly comes back but leaves me with double vision or no side vision my consultant said it will keep happening but will come back I'm on several meds but none for no vision i don't even have to have the migrains to loose vision that always goes first then the pain hope you get better I've been trying for years jay


So many different symptoms, so many different causes and so many different remedies, that's why it's so hard to to find 'the' miracle cure. I'm trying many different supplements before I give in and go on propananol which is what my GP wants me to try next. I'm very reluctant to go on a daily drug as the last one I was on the side effects were horrendous. The daith piercing did help but certainly not the cure I was wanting.

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I wondered if the daith piercing helps.



For me, the visual disturbances and sometimes complete 'blindness' (as in it's like having a blind spot covering 100% of my vision) is the worst of all the symptoms, even worse than the immense pain.

I've tried most of the standard medications for migraines, daily beta blockers, triptans etc for years and to be honest they haven't really helped.

I've talked about this before on this forum, but will talk about it again as I cannot stress how much this helped. After 15+ years of having migraines I went to see a specialist at the NMC and explained all the standard meds didn't really work for me. They suggested to try the following:

When I feel the aura coming on, first sign of eyes going a bit funny or even before if you get other symptoms, try dispersible asprin (normal dose) in a can of coke and take a non prescription over the counter anti sickness pill. For me, this stops 9/10 migraines before they start properly. After taking all kinds of nasty drugs for years without much effect, something so simple and over the counter works better than anything else I have tried.

Also recommended was daily high dose vitamin b2, magnesium and co-enzyme Q10. This has reduced my migraine frequency drastically and when I do get them, they appear to be a lot less bad.

Good luck and best wishes...vision loss with this is the worst, especially when at work - people think I'm going mad! :)

link to migraine trust page on supplements including magnesium/vit b2 (riboflavin) and Q10:


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Thank you so much for your post. I am willing to give anything a go and will try this thanks!

I would say the visual disturbance is the part i find the hardest to deal with as it has happened before I'm due to drive somewhere, at work etc. Hands down I'd take all the other symptoms if this disappeared!


Hey Tom i started on all of your suppliments listed about 4wks ago and it's defo making a difference. I get tmjd migraines and aura migraines.

Recently had tmjd treatment and thats helping those ones but your cocktail is doing the rest 😆😆

The yellow P is fun lol 😆

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I didn't have migraines in almost a year, the last time I had it. For me, I think it was sleep deprivation because I went to sleep really late because of jet lag and a 3 hrs difference and therefore when I woke up and went to pull my lenses out, my vision suddenly faltered, I couldn't focus my eyes, and then they basically shut down. The changes in my hearing were scary. I was very afraid and panicked, although I have had it one other time. Basically, my brain just died, like the computer that I'm writing on could. I immediately scrambled into bed, using my fingers to feel where. Honestly, it's worked both times, and it can be helpful. I suggest just getting some rest and wait awhile to let your brain calm down. It should feel better. Should the problem arise again during the day, you can use a wet towel (cool water) and just put it on your head. My friend also had a killing headache so I told her my trick and she felt better. Sometimes, it really depends on severity. If this helps, glad I could help!


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