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Amitriptyline stopped my migraines (so far)

So interesting to read everyones stories. I have had migraines for many years. They got progressively worse. I started on Amitriptyline at 10mg per night and progressed up to 50mg. Still had 2 bad migraines a week. I kind of gave up on seeing a doctor and started on Solphedeine Max, headache tablets in the UK that contain codeine and caffeine mixed with Sumatriptan when needed, which was fairly often. After a period of approx. 6months i was admitted to hospital with the worst migraine I have ever had. The pain was unbearable. Long story short, I was diagnosed with analgesic over use. I started to increase the Amitriptyline and am now on 90mg and so far, after 2 months, I have not even had a headache. As with some of you, I get a very dry mouth in the morning, but that soon clears up. It has totally changed my life from one of pain, to one of chill and enjoy! I am a little tired in the afternoons, but that may just be me getting older.

I am seeing my neurologist this week for a review. Will be interested to see what he says about the longer term use of Amitriptyline at 90mg a night. Fingers crossed!

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This is really interesting, thanks for sharing this. I recently had to stop Triptans and go cold turkey due to overuse. I will bear your story in mind when I next visit my GP.

I do hope that you continue to make good progress.



Happy to hear is working for you. It doesn't seem to give a lot of bad side effects in your case.

Did the side effects get a lot worse as you increased the dosage?


Wow 25mg of that made me like a zombie. Glad it suits you x


Good news for you. And such a relief. Did your dr say to continue amitripyline and for how long?


Good to hear this is working for you. I couldn't tolerate Amitriptyline at even a tiny dose as I could barely move with fatigue..... Felt like a zombie.


Glad to hear you found something that works. Amitriptyline made me tired and spacey even at a low dose.


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