Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headache

I am a 77 yo female with cervicogenic headache. Neurosurgeon says a bone spur is irritating a major nerve coming from C2-3 in my neck. I have had neck pain and L sided headache for about 3 mos., partially relieved by Gabapentin 600 mg at bedtime and Ibuprofen 800 mg in the AM. It is exacerbated by picking up heavy objects and moving quickly. I have had one cortisone injection ( ineffective). Options are to have another injection or have the nerve severed which will end headache but result in numbness to the L side of my head. For now I am continuing with the medicines and put up with the headaches now and then. Good luck to all you cervicogenic headache sufferers!

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  • Hugs Pretysmart , reackon i would have the nerve cut!! No more headaches versus a numb head, I'd take the numb head personally. Pros/cons for everything i suppose 😔

    One half of my head was numb for a while after an op, weird itch for ages which was irritating but that was prob the nerves recovering.

    Be well 😆

  • Not great options to choose from, but at least you got a diagnosis, which is fairly unusual. Watch out for your stomach with ibuprofen. It can be damaging.

  • I'd avoid the injections. Once you start going down that road, I think it can be never-ending and never totally successful. I'd have the nerve cut. Just like Frodo (another sufferer) I'd rather have a numb head rather than a painful one. But I'd want to talk to my doctor about the consequences of having a numb head......

  • That side of my face gets numb during my episodes anyway. My doctor's, the ERs, my PT dodnt really seem to be concerned about the numbness. I would get the nerve cut.

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