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Found food trigger

Hi, I've had migraines for 30 years & could have up to seven a month. In July I got an ear infection & was off work so didn't have my normal food routine. I stopped eating my one a day banana & since then I've only had one migraine. I'd tried all the other food triggers to no avail, maybe my find will help others, coz I know how horrific they can be! Who knew fruit was bad. Oddly though since then I have odd spells of vertigo & a slight headache. But I'm staying positive & hoping I've finally slain the beast.

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Bananas are often on the list of 'trigger foods', which does seem odd (& a shame, as they clearly have lots of good about them!)... your find was interesting & thank you for sharing. Good health to you😄


I don't seem to have any food triggers. I've got a lot of food allergies, but they don't give me migraine.

I did hear a migraine specialist interviewed and he said citrus fruit is a common one.

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