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First post, although have made a couple in the Thyroid section.

Its been a bit of a year. I have always suffered with the odd bout of Atrial Fib, and the year began with me being referred for some scans to thoroughly check it out.

Then after a bit of a stressful time at work, I had a thyroid nodule pop up out of nowhere. It was behaving and at point of testing was benign. Obviously a stressful time again.

Then I went on hols in UK with everything going on, and felt great. No ticker issues, and no thyroid issues.

The day after I got back all changed. I started suffering with a fairly bad headache, and some stiff neck and shoulders/back. Also light-headedness, which I have always suffered a bit with. I've never suffered with headaches in the past, and it wasnt bad enough for me to stop doing anything, in actual after having the headache for a week or so a bike ride seemed to ease it. However what the bike ride did do was start some numbness in my feet/toes, which is still there now.

Been to see a Neuro, had MRI from brain to lumbar and a small non-symptomatic solitary 3mm T2 hyperintensity was found on the front left lobe. He has diagnosed migraine, and suggested Propranlol, which I have just started taking, but my ticker doesn't seem to like it.

Current symtoms are stiff leg muscles, and numbess in toes/feet and 2 small fingers in right hand. This has been here for about a month now, and the headache sort of pops up now and again, but isn't debilitating - my legs are and balance is.

My question is, does this all makes sense? I feel the T2 is causing my headaches, they seem to be in that area. Rather than a T2 arising due to me suffering migraines, which I never have done in the past.

My B12 was just over 300, so I have been filling myself with this, and it is making me feel a bit better. I'm also awaiting Lyme blood results, as hols were in Cornwall.

Any thoughts before I return to my second home - the doctors - would be much appreciated. Try not to freak me out too much though please.


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Presumably you are using Thyroid UK on here? It is certainly important beyond the unreliable TSH test to find out what is going on with your Thyroid, if you already know all this, then fine, if not I can give you more detail. MaryF


Hi thanks for reply. I'm due in to see Endo in a couple of weeks, as that's the only person I haven't seen yet?

GP has taken TSH, T3, T4 and antibodies, but of course they dont really understand them, so just waiting to go through with the Endo now.

Too many open books now making diagnosis difficult really.


Do you know what our folate and B12 levels are like? Common to have thyroid problems and B12 problems.

Serum B12 test shouldn't be evaluated just on the basis of scores but needs to look at symptoms as well - though there is a huge overlap with thyroid which is going to make things quite difficult. Lot more about B12 on the PAS forum


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