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Recently diagnosed with migraines and go not helpful


After suffering from vm nearly 4 months ago, I have been suffering from severe headaches, vomiting and blacking out. My GP has been less than useful putting it down to anxiety and even suggesting I was making it up. I saw a nurse at the headache clinic last week who, after listening to my symptoms, straight away said migraines and recommended some treatment (anti-emetics and triptans). I went to my gp this week to get the prescriptions but he said he didn't think it was a migraine and the fainting/blacking out could not be linked and wants me to see a psychiatrist. I have read that blacking out/confusion can happen at the start of a migraine and wondered if anyone else suffered from this? It only happens around the time I have a headache and I have significant periods of time where I cannot remember anything plus some attacks which people witnessing have called faints. I have difficult asthma which has been hard to get appropriate treatment for and really don't want the migraine to go down the same route.

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Do you have any autoimmune disease in your wider family? Any dizziness or other symptoms? Certainly Hemiplegic Migraines should be looked at and also Hughes Syndrome. MaryF


Tell your GP you'd like a second opinion and want to be referred to a neurologist. You could pay to see one privately at Queen Square: ring them to see what it would cost. You'd get an appointment and this a diagnosis within a week.


I don't want to alarm you unduly, but my brother began passing out, had a stroke-like incident & had to call emergency services. Because it was an emergency situation he was then immediately referred to a range of consultants. Initially migraine was suspected as it runs in our family but eventually after a lot of testing and as he continued to pass out it was found that he had heart block, and when his heart stopped he lost consciousness. Thyroid disorder was eventually diagnosed as well. He now has a pacemaker and has stopped fainting. I am not saying you have the same as him, so don't panic, but I am saying that fainting can be a sign of something serious. You should be referred quickly to a specialist and should probably have an MRI scan, in my opinion. And your GP sounds no good, perhaps you should find another one.


Thank you for your replies. I have seen a neurologist while an impatient with viral meningitis and am waiting to see one in a few months. I did wonder whether it was necessary given that the diagnosis has been made but I will keep the appointment to investigate whether it is anything else. They did initially say the vm was migraines.


Please get them to run the tests for Hughes Syndrome/APS Sticky Blood etc, frequently missed by neurologists:

I gave a more detailed response about this condition in a post above yours. MaryF


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