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Hashis migraine and perimenopause


Im new to this but not to migs. I think I may have Hashis. I had an overactive thyroid after I had a baby which stabilised, however my TPO antibodies were raised (145) last year. Am going to get them rechecked soon. I developed menstrual migraine 6 years ago - never suffered before then and they are getting worse. Im 47. I know its hormone related. Im Ok for the last two weeks then my period comes and a headache descends and lasts a few days then I get another 7 days later and feel rubbish for a week then pick up again. I seem to be in the minority with these postmenstrual migs. This has always been my pattern. I'm wondering whether tackling the thyroid issue may help but my levels are normal. Have done all the usual diet things although am thinking of going very low carb ie no fruit for a couple of weeks to see if sugar helps. Does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks for reading

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Can't comment on the thyroid condition but just wanted to say that I my migraines are hormonally related but what triggers them is changes in hormone levels so I suffer mid month and end of month. Generally the end of month stops when period starts but that isn't always the case.

Hope you get a solution soon.

Hi, please excuse my ignorance but what is hashis?

Don't have any useful suggestions I'm afraid, but I'm a similar age with increasing menstrual migraines, and have recently found out that this worsening is likely to be as a result of the perimenopause, I guess with hormones being all over the place, it's inevitable hormonal migraines will get worse, sorry :-(

Hashis is hashimotos. Autoimmune disease attacking the thyroid.

Do you take anything for your migs that is successful? Its a real bore isnt it?

I get menstrual migraine AFTER my period. My gp "pooh- poohed" this. My feelings are .......as long as the tabs work I do not care what he believes, I can take them when I need them--the Mirena coil did not alter when the migraine arrive. One good thing is that I get a "heads up" so I can organise my life for the following 9 days

Im glad its not just me. What do you take?

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